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White Noise: Immigration, Antiracism and the Spreading of a Neo-Nazi Meme

Nazis like shortcuts. Maybe it’s because of their aversion to work, which is mighty difficult to do when you spend all day on the Stormfront web board, talking about your favorite Norse God, or newest tattoo, or how the reason you can’t find a job is because the blacks and Mexicans took them all; the […]

Tim Wise and Melissa Harris-Perry on “All In With Chris Hayes” on MSNBC, 6/26/14: Cross-Racial Organizing and the Implications of the “Moral Mondays” Movement in North Carolina

My appearance (along with Melissa Harris-Perry) on “All In With Chris Hayes” (MSNBC), June 26, 2014, to discuss the implications of current cross-racial organizing in North Carolina, as part of the “Moral Mondays” movement for economic and social justice. This segment followed a longer piece on the movement in NC, which can (and should) be […]

Tim Wise Interview w/ Jenn Jackson, 4/15/14: White Allyship, Antiracism and Accountability

Here is my recent interview with Jenn Jackson (Water Cooler Convos), regarding white allyship, antiracism and accountability. I really appreciate Jenn’s work, and the fact that she was so open to having this conversation, even after having been pretty critical of me in print on her blog. I thought she raised good points, even if […]

Asked and Answered: Reflections on White Anti-Racism, My Work and Certain Recurring Critiques

This website isn’t particularly difficult to navigate. It’s straightforward enough so that anyone interested in finding things — whether articles addressing a particular subject, or links to other resources, or recommended readings — can pretty easily do so. Likewise, for more than a year now there has been a Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) and […]

Tim Wise Interview at Racialicious, Part One: On the Role of the White Antiracist

Recently, Andrea (AJ) Plaid, over at Racialicious interviewed me about a number of subjects: some related to my book, Colorblind, others specific to race and popular culture, and then finally, a question about the role of white antiracists, and particularly my own role in the work against white supremacy. The results of our interview are […]

Virginia is for Liars: Neo-Confederate Mythology, Racist Realities and Genuine Southern Heroes

Am I the only one who finds it a bit too coincidental that in the midst of a political season in which conservative whites can be heard screaming that they “want their country back,” the Governor of Virginia should declare April “Confederate History Month?” Or that others would be clamoring for the inclusion of a […]

The Avatar of Amnesia: Glenn Beck, Historical Memory and the Evil of Right-Wing Populism

There is none so dangerous as the white American who waxes nostalgic about what he or she likes to call “the good old days.” Or, alternately, those “simpler” times, or the era of so-called “innocence” remembered from their childhoods, memorialized in a Norman Rockwell painting, or via televised re-runs of the Cleaver family, or Opie […]

Boxing Ourselves In: The Sad Irony of White Supremacy

I guess it would be amusing were it not so sad. After several days of combing through hateful diatribes, aimed at me because of previous commentaries I had written concerning racism and white privilege in the presidential campaign, it struck me: one of the most disturbing things about white racists is how they manage to […]

Complicity Has Its Cost: An Open Letter to Mayor Murphy McMillin of Jena, Louisiana

Dear Mayor McMillin, I hear that you’re angry. Me too. But it appears our outrage is directed at decidedly different targets. I, for one, am angry at the three young white men in your town who, last year, hung nooses from a tree after a black student dared sit under it, thereby touching off several […]

No Such Place as Safe: The Trouble With White Anti-Racism

Published as a ZNet Commentary,, 7/23/04 I think I’ve figured out what it is I hate about those “racial dialogue” groups that seem to be springing up across the country nowadays. No, it’s not the standard radical critique that they tend to amount to all talk and little action: after all, our ability to […]