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Flashback: Tim Wise in 2006 Discussing Bill Rhoden’s “40 Million Dollar Slaves” (Race and Sports) on ESPN

Just recently was pointed to these videos, of my appearance on Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN show in 2006, to discuss Bill Rhoden’s great book, “Forty Million Dollar Slaves,” about the way in which black athletes are used/abused within the pro sports complex. There are three parts to this video. I am not in the first […]

Home Runs, Heroes and Hypocrisy: Performance Enhancement in Black and White

Published in Black Agenda Report, June 13, 2007 Within a matter of several weeks, it is a virtual certainty that Barry Bonds will become the all-time home run king of Major League Baseball. When this moment arrives, survey data suggests that the majority of white baseball fans will yell and scream at their televisions and […]