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We’re Gonna Scapegoat Like It’s 1995: Welfare and the Never-Ending Lies of the American Right

In the pantheon of right-wing dog whistles, none is as tried, true, and generally effective as “welfare” bashing. Ever since the days of Ronald Reagan, who fabricated tales of a “welfare queen” collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash benefits by using multiple identities and Social Security numbers, conservatives have known that articulating an […]

Tim Wise on CNN (from May, 2011), discussing Donald Trump’s attack on President Obama

Here is the old clip (which I didn’t know had ever been made available, frankly) from CNN, in which I discussed (via telephone) Donald Trump’s absurd, and frankly racist allegations about President Obama’s lack of academic credentials. Dated now, but still a pretty good one…

Rush Limbaugh — Obama is Going to Confiscate Your Land, White People!!!!

Wow, no racist dog-whistle there, Rush! Just another example of how the right plays deliberately to white racial resentment and anxiety…In this case, by suggesting that Obama’s “role model” is Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and that the “next thing” to be looking out for is “for Obama to take the farms,” because “that’s what Mugabe did…”

Trump Card: White Denial, Racial Resentment and the Art of the Heel

There is no one in the world more creative than a white person trying to deny their racism, after having said or done something incredibly racist. Whether it’s the Orange County California Republican activist who recently sent around the e-mail with the picture of the Obamas portrayed as chimpanzees, or the folks who show up […]

Tim Wise Speech in Austin, TX. 2/24/11 at St. James Episcopal Church

Here is the link for my recent speech in Austin, Texas (2/24/11), at St. James Episcopal Church

The Dangers of Colorblind Post-Racialism

A brief snippet of my October 6 speech in Detroit, for the Michigan Roundtable:

Full Interview with Laura Flanders for GRIT TV, 9/24/10

And here is the full interview to go with the previously posted clip…We discuss health care, safety nets and race, the problems with colorblindness and post-racial liberalism, and the Tea Party folks, among other things… More GRITtv

$&*# Right-Wingers Say…

The last few days have been especially filled with right-wing race-baiting and resentment, not to mention general nastiness so befitting reactionary white men with large audience share. To wit the following: On September 22, Rush Limbaugh’s fill-in host announced his plan for creating national unity. No, it wasn’t to address the predatory lending of banks […]

Limbaugh still an idiot: “Left silence about First Lady vacation is ‘vacation affirmative action'”

I liked Rush better when he was doing drugs…withdrawal has not been kind to his mental stability…

Webb of Deceit: Racism, Affirmative Action and History as Misunderstood by a U.S. Senator

In this summer of white resentment, one would think it sufficient to have to suffer through the daily droning of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the rest of the crew at Fox News, or perhaps the dishonest machinations of professional liar and fear-pimp Andrew Breitbart. What with their endless claims that the Obama Administration is […]