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A Bad Year for White Whine: College Scholarships and the Cult of Caucasian Victimhood

Texas State University student Colby Bohnannon would like you to know, it’s hard out there for a white guy. When looking for money for college, the Iraq War veteran claims he had a hard time finding any, at least of the scholarship variety. And this, he wants you to believe, is due to the lack […]

Tim Wise Speech in Austin, TX. 2/24/11 at St. James Episcopal Church

Here is the link for my recent speech in Austin, Texas (2/24/11), at St. James Episcopal Church

Official Unemployment Data Minimizes Racial Disparities

Although no compilation of data, sampled from a nation of 300 million can be perfectly precise, it seems fair to insist that the data not obscure obvious facts about which the public should be aware. Sadly, the way the U.S. government has long collected its information on things like unemployment, poverty, wages and other social/economic […]

Affirmative Action for Dummies: Explaining the Difference Between Oppression and Opportunity

One of the best things about getting to speak to audiences across the country is the opportunity to engage with them during the question and answer sessions that follow my formal presentations. Although the questions posed are often contentious — no surprise given that the subject is racism and white privilege, and oftentimes white folks […]

New Report on Tea Party Movement: Racist, Christian Supremacist Ties Documented

For those who still refuse to believe that the Tea Party movement is thoroughly infested with racists, white nationalists, Christian supremacists and assorted extremists — and who cleave to the lie that they are only protesting “big government,” taxes and deficits – this report completely demolishes any legitimacy to the latter, sanguine view. Put together for […]

$&*# Right-Wingers Say…

The last few days have been especially filled with right-wing race-baiting and resentment, not to mention general nastiness so befitting reactionary white men with large audience share. To wit the following: On September 22, Rush Limbaugh’s fill-in host announced his plan for creating national unity. No, it wasn’t to address the predatory lending of banks […]

Tim Wise on NPR’s “All Things Considered” 8/15/10, discussing affirmative action

Tim Wise discusses affirmative action on NPR’s All Things Considered, 8/15/10. Lots of important things I said got edited out, but nonetheless, I got in some good shots here. One thing I didn’t get to say: Jennifer Gratz is a shameless, boldfaced liar. The reason she was rejected from the University of Michigan is NOT […]

Of Loaded Footnotes and Lying Pundits: Deceptive Data and the Attack on Racial Equity

Memo to Ross Douthat: Sometimes, people fact-check. One of the perks of being an op-ed columnist, as Douthat is — he being the resident conservative essayist at the New York Times — is that you can say pretty much anything you like. It’s your opinion, after all, so the standards of accuracy to which a […]

Faux-pression: Racism and the Cult of White Victimhood

To hear conservatives tell it, there’s a one-sided race war going on in America, and white folks are the targets. From President Obama’s secret plan to use health care reform as a way to procure backdoor “reparations” for slavery, to his equally secret plan to wreck the economy as a way to pay white people […]

Black Power’s Gonna Git You Sucka: Right-Wing Paranoia and the Rhetoric of Modern Racism

Prominent white conservatives are angry about racism. Forget all that talk about a post-racial society. They know better than to believe in such a thing, and they’re hopping mad. What is it that woke them up finally, after all these years of denial, during which they insisted that racism was a thing of the past? […]