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Tim Wise on CNN, 5/14/11: Common’s White House Invite and the Attack on Hip-Hop

DIscussing the right’s attack on hip-hop and Common’s invitation to the White House

Passing the Buck and Missing the Point: Don Imus, White Denial and Racism in America

Let us dispense with the easy stuff, shall we? First, Don Imus’s free speech rights have not been even remotely violated as a result of his firing, either by MSNBC or CBS Radio. The First Amendment protects us against state oppression or legal sanction for our words. It does not entitle everyone with an opinion […]

Ghettos are Not a Game (Part Three): Examining the Consequences of Racial Stereotypes

Published in the Black Commentator,, Issue 63, 11/06/03 It’s just a game. Thus speaks David Chang, creator of GHETTOPOLY, which uses the traditional MONOPOLY board game formula to steer players through life in an inner-city community: or at least what Chang presumes such a place looks like. Though he has never spent time in […]