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But Rand Paul says this is OK…

Today comes the story of of Abbotsford, Wisconsin businessman Mark Prior, who wants to keep blacks out of his soon-to-be-opened “Gentlemen’s Club” (also known as a strip joint, or in my part of the country, and by the Neanderthals who actually patronize such places, a “titty bar.”) Why does it not surprise me that the […]

Of Collateral Damage and Roosting Chickens: Reflections on Racism, the Economy and the High Cost of White Ambivalence

The message began ominously enough, with words no one really likes to hear directed their way. “With all due respect,” it read. As a writer I am painfully aware of the imprecision of language. Meaning is not always perfectly–and often not at all–communicated by the words we choose to represent our thoughts. But if there’s […]

Rationalizing White Supremacy: Racism, Free Markets and the Morally Obtuse Rand Paul

Although he insists he wasn’t named for the√ā¬†emotionally deranged, greed-loving, altruism-bashing author, Ayn Rand, U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul’s views are just a little too similar to those of the mother of Objectivism–as are the views of his father, libertarian Congressman Ron Paul–to take seriously his denials. Either he is lying about the origins of […]