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Tim Wise on Al-Jazeera’s The Stream, 7/23/13: Implicit Racial Bias and Racism in America

My appearance on Al-Jazeera’s The Stream, to discuss implicit racial bias and the modern face of racism. With Maya Wiley and David Williams.

Racism, Public Health and the High Cost of White Denial

This is the core of my speech at Georgia State, in Atlanta, in April, 2012, on Racism and Public Health. Here I discuss racial health disparities in the U.S., the way these disparities are ignored, explained away or rationalized by most whites, and the link between racial micro-aggressions and discrimination in health care delivery on […]

Redefining Cultural Competence

This brief sound file is from my longer talk on racism and public health, delivered at Georgia State University in Atlanta, April 12, 2012. I make the point that too often we define “cultural competence” as coming to understand the racial/ethnic/cultural “other,” so as to fit them in with the dominant cultural norm; yet the […]

Tim Wise – Boston Public Health Commission Presentation (Racism and Health), 2011 (3 Parts)

Here is a three-part video of my presentation from a few months ago, at a Boston Public Health Commission Event, in which I discuss, mostly, racism and its connection to health. Part I Part II Part III

Interview on GRIT TV with Laura Flanders, 9/24/10

Here’s video of my recent interview with Laura Flanders for GRIT TV. This segment is on the racialization of the nation’s safety net and the way in which white racial resentment has contributed to inadequate support for all in need, including millions of whites who are now finding that they too need comprehensive health care […]

Social Science Roundup: Links for 9/2/10

Several good items today: First, an excerpt of what looks like it could be her best book yet: Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich, in which the author critically examines the uniquely American tendency to elevate “positive thinking” to the level of both a coping strategy and social movement. Lots of good insight here. Then, a piece […]

Discussing “Dr” Laura’s Racist Rant, the use of the n-word, and white racism on CNN, 8/14/10

Tim Wise discusses “Dr.” Laura’s racist rant, the use of the n-word, and the larger issue of racism on CNN, 8/14/10

Tim Wise on Air America, discussing racism, the health care town halls, and white backlash to President Obama

Tim Wise on Air America, discussing racism, the health care town halls, and white backlash to President Obama, August 2009. Listen to the interview.