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Discussing “Dr” Laura’s Racist Rant, the use of the n-word, and white racism on CNN, 8/14/10

Tim Wise discusses “Dr.” Laura’s racist rant, the use of the n-word, and the larger issue of racism on CNN, 8/14/10

Dr. Laura – She’s Not Really a Doctor, But She May Need One…(RABID RACIST ALERT)

Well, well, well. Dr. Laura Schlessinger — the radio “doctor” who isn’t really a Doctor in any real sense (and no, getting a PhD in physiology for writing a dissertation on “Effects of Insulin on 3-0-Methylglucose Transport in Isolated Rat Adipocytes” doesn’t count when you pose as a psychologist and counselor) — has finally gone […]

Majoring in Minstrelsy: White Students, Blackface and the Failure of Mainstream Multiculturalism

Sometimes you just have to ask, “What the f*&% is wrong with you?” I’ve been asking this question a lot lately, given the almost monthly reports that white college students at one or another campus have yet again displayed a form of racist ignorance so stupefying as to boggle the imagination. For some, it means […]

Passing the Buck and Missing the Point: Don Imus, White Denial and Racism in America

Let us dispense with the easy stuff, shall we? First, Don Imus’s free speech rights have not been even remotely violated as a result of his firing, either by MSNBC or CBS Radio. The First Amendment protects us against state oppression or legal sanction for our words. It does not entitle everyone with an opinion […]

Ghettos are Not a Game (Part Three): Examining the Consequences of Racial Stereotypes

Published in the Black Commentator,, Issue 63, 11/06/03 It’s just a game. Thus speaks David Chang, creator of GHETTOPOLY, which uses the traditional MONOPOLY board game formula to steer players through life in an inner-city community: or at least what Chang presumes such a place looks like. Though he has never spent time in […]

Ghettos are Not a Game (Part Two): Racism and the Perpetuation of the Urban Poor

Published in the Black Commentator,, Issue 61, 10/23/03 In a recent column, I discussed with a healthy amount of disdain the marketing of a board game called GHETTOPOLY, in which players maneuver through the traps and snares of an inner-city community, replete with every stereotype in the book about such places: filled with criminals, […]

Ghettos are Not a Game (Part One): Making Money off the Misery of Others

Published in the Black Commentator,, Issue 59, 10/9/03 Some things just aren’t funny, and some ways of making money are pathetic. Both of these truisms apply to the entrepreneurial “humor” of David Chang, a 28-year old Pennsylvanian who apparently gets his kicks making fun of poor folks in urban America in order to make […]

Honky Wanna Cracker? Examining the Myth of “Reverse Racism”

Published as a ZNet Commentary, June 30, 2002 Recently, while I was speaking to a group of high school students, I was asked why I only seemed to be concerned about white racism towards people of color, and not racism from people of color towards whites. We had been discussing racial slurs, and several white […]