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Affirmative Action for Dummies: Explaining the Difference Between Oppression and Opportunity

One of the best things about getting to speak to audiences across the country is the opportunity to engage with them during the question and answer sessions that follow my formal presentations. Although the questions posed are often contentious — no surprise given that the subject is racism and white privilege, and oftentimes white folks […]

It’s the Racism, Stupid: Bias, Not Affirmative Action Stigmatizes People of Color

Published as a ZNet Commentary, 12/07/03 Sometimes an argument gets made with such regularity that no matter how silly, it nonetheless requires an answer. Indeed the more often it gets made, the more often it calls for rebuttal, since its repetition indicates someone just isn’t getting it. Such is the case with the oft-repeated claim, […]

Resurrecting Mandingo: Black Sexuality in the White Imagination

Published as a ZNet Commentary,, 8/6/03 When it comes to creativity, you really have to hand it to racists. Indeed, I have always been truly amazed by the twisted logic such folks can muster in order to rationalize their prejudices. Likewise, I am nothing short of stunned by the extent to which they will […]

Racism, White Liberals and the Limits of Tolerance

Published in LIP Magazine,, 12/04/00. Let me get this straight: If three white guys chain a black man to a truck and decapitate him by dragging him down a dirt road, that’s a hate crime; but if five white cops pump nineteen bullets into a black street vendor, having shot at him 41 times, […]

Getting Serious About White Deviance: An Open Letter to the Pioneer Fund

Published as a ZNet Commentary, November 3, 2000 To Whom It May Concern, With great excitement, I recently discovered your organization’s work for the betterment of mankind, through the application of racial science. As someone who has been investigating the pathological tendencies of persons of European descent (whites in the popular vernacular), imagine my delight […]

Of Hate Crimes Big and Small

Published as a ZNet Commentary, August 12, 1999 There is no question so irrelevant as the one to which most all can respond in like fashion. Thus, to ask folks their views on child molestation, or whether they’d like better schools would be absurd: like asking if they’d rather be happy than sad. So too, […]

Color-Conscious, White-Blind: Race, Crime and Pathology in America

Published in LIP Magazine, October, 1998 In a 1984 interview, ex-Klansman, David Duke explained: “You know, you really can’t talk about the crime problem unless you talk about the race problem…Blacks are much closer to the jungle than European people.” Six years later, as Duke ran for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana, a supporter told […]

The Once and Future Duke

Originally published in Z Magazine, November 1995 Like an alcoholic who denies his addiction for years only to break down and go on a public drinking binge, David Duke has reverted to type. The ex-Klansman and lifelong neo-Nazi, who narrowly lost his bid for the U.S. Senate in 1990 and was then soundly defeated in […]

Racism and the Culture of Denial

Published in the Louisiana Weekly, 11/26/94 Alcoholics commonly go to great lengths to deny their drinking problems; so too, the perpetrators of domestic violence. Excuses for destructive behavior are many, and rarely does one overcome denial without considerable coaxing and a mountain of evidence. Often, even that fails. So it is with racism: America’s collective […]