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Dr. Laura – She’s Not Really a Doctor, But She May Need One…(RABID RACIST ALERT)

Well, well, well. Dr. Laura Schlessinger — the radio “doctor” who isn’t really a Doctor in any real sense (and no, getting a PhD in physiology for writing a dissertation on “Effects of Insulin on 3-0-Methylglucose Transport in Isolated Rat Adipocytes” doesn’t count when you pose as a psychologist and counselor) — has finally gone […]

Honky Wanna Cracker? Examining the Myth of “Reverse Racism”

Published as a ZNet Commentary, June 30, 2002 Recently, while I was speaking to a group of high school students, I was asked why I only seemed to be concerned about white racism towards people of color, and not racism from people of color towards whites. We had been discussing racial slurs, and several white […]