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Crime, Race and the Perils of Profiling

When it comes to rationalizing the mistreatment of people of color, there are few who manage to do it better, or more consistently, than syndicated columnist Mona Charen. So, for instance, when officers from the NYPD’s Street Crimes Unit were acquitted of any wrongdoing after killing Amadou Diallo — whose wallet they mistook for a […]

Trump Card: White Denial, Racial Resentment and the Art of the Heel

There is no one in the world more creative than a white person trying to deny their racism, after having said or done something incredibly racist. Whether it’s the Orange County California Republican activist who recently sent around the e-mail with the picture of the Obamas portrayed as chimpanzees, or the folks who show up […]

Tim Wise Speech in Austin, TX. 2/24/11 at St. James Episcopal Church

Here is the link for my recent speech in Austin, Texas (2/24/11), at St. James Episcopal Church

Tim Wise on CNN, Discussing the “Open Letter to the White Right,” 11/7/10

Tim Wise on CNN with Don Lemon to discuss his “Open Letter to the White Right” and the backlash from it…

Official Unemployment Data Minimizes Racial Disparities

Although no compilation of data, sampled from a nation of 300 million can be perfectly precise, it seems fair to insist that the data not obscure obvious facts about which the public should be aware. Sadly, the way the U.S. government has long collected its information on things like unemployment, poverty, wages and other social/economic […]

New Report on Tea Party Movement: Racist, Christian Supremacist Ties Documented

For those who still refuse to believe that the Tea Party movement is thoroughly infested with racists, white nationalists, Christian supremacists and assorted extremists — and who cleave to the lie that they are only protesting “big government,” taxes and deficits —┬áthis report completely demolishes any legitimacy to the latter, sanguine view. Put together for […]

Catching Up – News Bits and Bytes for the Past Week

I’ve been unable to post for a few days , due to hectic travel and difficulty figuring out how to embed links to the site using my iPad (which is all I had with me on the road), because for some reason the editing options for WordPress sites are different on the iPad than a […]

Conservative Character Actors and the Co-Optation of Martin Luther King Jr.

It has been said that even the devil can quote Scripture for his purposes. So too, apparently, can conservatives quote Martin Luther King Jr. for theirs. To wit, Glenn Beck, who has perfected the craft of cribbing from Dr. King, thereby debasing the majestic prose of the latter and distorting King’s intentions to the point […]

Tim Wise on CNN Newsroom, 8/9/10 – Key Points for Effective Racial Dialogue

Here is Tim Wise’s appearance on CNN last week to discuss the key points necessary to any effective race dialogue.

Concentration Camps: Where right-wing “thinking” leads…

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars for this chilling example of what the right is really all about…