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Race, Crime and Statistical Malpractice: How the Right Manipulates White Fear With Bogus Data

NOTE TO THE READER: Because the below essay involves a lot of data, and some occasionally confusing terminology (and because it’s hard to explain statistical analysis in a reader-friendly way), I am putting the key points in bullets here at the beginning of the piece. For the details as to how these conclusions were reached, […]

Tim Wise on HuffPost Live, July 8, 2013 Discussing His Upcoming Film, “White Like Me”

Here’s my appearance today on HuffPost Live with Marc Lamont Hill, to discuss racism, white privilege and my new soon-to-be-released film, White Like Me. Joined by Michael Eric Dyson. We ended up squaring off against white supremacists/nationalists, Jared Taylor and Matthew Heimbach…entertaining to say the least…

Bill of Whites: Historical Memory Through the Racial Looking Glass

Published as a ZNet Commentary, July 24, 2000 In 1992, white supremacist Jared Taylor lamented the ostensibly growing influence of people of color in the U.S. when he wrote: “The old, standard history united Americans…It emphasized one point of view and ignored others. It was history about white people for white people…This served the country […]