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Reflections on Empire and Uppity Indians

Published on Counterpunch,, 2/9/05 I should have known better than to listen in to the conversation immediately to my left, sitting as I was in the Northwest Airlines World Club, in Detroit. Unlike most of the folks who have paid their $450 for an annual membership — which entitles one to little more than […]

To My Baby Girl, After the Terror

Published on Alternet,, September 13, 2001 To my Dear Daughter, I was not where I needed to be last night. You are only ten weeks old. And last night, only your mother was able to hold you, and kiss you goodnight, and hug you, and wipe up your spit. I was somewhere else. Tonight […]

Blinded by the White: Race, Crime and Columbine High

Published in Z Magazine, June, 1999 Imagine a quiet, suburban community, commonly referred to as a “nice place to live and raise kids.” It’s a community known for civic pride, affluent families, and schools where the students score well above average on aptitude tests. It’s also 93 percent white. Now imagine that at this community’s […]

The Devil Made ‘Em Do It: Social Crisis and the Misuse of Faith in America

Published as a ZNet Commentary, June 1, 1999 I go through airports about two hundred times a year. As such, I overhear lots of comments from other travelers. Usually they’re of a particularly banal sort, screamed over a cell phone that seems permanently attached to the ear of one of a few thousand interchangeable corporate […]