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Of Gods and Monsters: Valorizing the Rich in a Culture of Cruelty

The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Under the Affluence: Shaming the Poor,├é┬áPraising the Rich and Jeopardizing the Future of America (San Francisco: City Lights, 2015) This section explores the way that many (especially on the right) valorize the wealthy and insist that unlike the poor — the so-called “takers” in society — […]

More on Growing Income Inequality (Series at Slate): The Effect of Immigration

Here is Part Three of Tim Noah’s series on growing inequality, posted over at Slate. This piece addresses immigration, and examines whether large scale immigration since 1965 — and especially in the past thirty years — can explain, to any significant degree, that growing income disparity by way of lowering wages at the bottom of […]

A Close Look at Growing Income Inequality in the U.S.

Timothy Noah does a great job over at Slate, breaking down the growing income inequality that has marked recent U.S. economic history. Slate is running a multi-part series on the growing income gap, called, The Great Divergence: What’s Causing America’s Growing Income Inequality? So far, the first and second entries are posted. They are: Introducing […]