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Twisted Dream: The Disappearance of the Real MLK

This essay appeared on Colorlines, under a different title. _________ It’s been a rough year for Martin Luther King Jr., and for his legacy. First, as has become an annual ritual, politicians went to church or some other civic gathering for last year’s King Day celebration, even as they continued to support public policies that […]

Service as a Substitute: The Sanitizing of Martin Luther King Jr.

Perhaps it’s no great surprise that Glenn Beck would distort Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message, as he did when he held a rally for mostly white reactionaries on the 47th anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech in August, all the while suggesting that the group was “reclaiming the civil rights movement.” After […]

Paranoia as Prelude: Conspiracism and the Cost of Political Rage

Unlike some, I will not attempt to make murderer and would-be political assassin Jared Loughner into a poster-boy for the Tea Party. As it turns out, such a feat would do Mr. Loughner an injustice, ascribing to him a level of sane, if yet disturbing philosophical coherence that he apparently lacks, rather than recognizing him […]

Tim Wise on CNN, Discussing the “Open Letter to the White Right,” 11/7/10

Tim Wise on CNN with Don Lemon to discuss his “Open Letter to the White Right” and the backlash from it…

Beck once again inspires unhinged anger…

And so the craziness continues…amid a number of violent acts committed by devoted followers of Glenn Beck over the past year, now comes additional evidence that the Beck-Heads are an unstable bunch, willing to threaten anyone their silly little clown of a leader chooses to target for criticism. A few days ago Beck criticized the […]

New Report on Tea Party Movement: Racist, Christian Supremacist Ties Documented

For those who still refuse to believe that the Tea Party movement is thoroughly infested with racists, white nationalists, Christian supremacists and assorted extremists — and who cleave to the lie that they are only protesting “big government,” taxes and deficits – this report completely demolishes any legitimacy to the latter, sanguine view. Put together for […]

Glenn Beck Defends Tea Party Candidate Linked to Racist, Violent Motorcycle Gang

Imagine for a moment that any Democratic Party candidate, especially a black or brown one, were to invite members of the Bloods, Crips or MS-13 (a notorious Salvadoran-American street gang) to attend one of their campaign events, or to provide personal security for that candidate during an interview. Or imagine that the candidate of color […]

News Roundup — Bits and Bytes from the Past Few Days

Once again, I’ve fallen behind on posting (and comment approval — sorry about that), but am trying to catch up and post a bunch this coming week, along with a few new essays. In the past week or so there have been several interesting stories and/or articles, bouncing around the web, that touch on race. […]

Facing Race 2010 Final Plenary: Amazing Conversation – Check it Out!

Here is the final plenary session of the 2010 Facing Race Conference, in Chicago. I’m on the panel with Rinku Sen, Van Jones, Maria Teresa Kumar, and moderator Cathy Cohen

Full Interview with Laura Flanders for GRIT TV, 9/24/10

And here is the full interview to go with the previously posted clip…We discuss health care, safety nets and race, the problems with colorblindness and post-racial liberalism, and the Tea Party folks, among other things… More GRITtv