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Tim Wise on MSNBC With Melissa Harris-Perry: Trayvon Martin, President Obama and Race in America – 7/20/13

First segment with MHP today, along with Khalil Muhammad, Ohio State Senator, Nina Turner, and NBC News Vice President, Val Nicholas. Really good conversation… Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

George Zimmerman, Racism and White Denial: Radio Interview With Nicole Sandler, 7/17/13

My interview with Nicole Sandler, to discuss the Zimmerman verdict, race in America and the persistent phenomenon of white denial

George Zimmerman, Race and the Absurdity of the “Black Friend” Defense

Reaction to the Zimmerman verdict, from the Media Education Foundation blogsite (the folks who produced my upcoming film, White Like Me)

Tim Wise on CNN, 7/14/13: Race, Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman Trial

Here’s my interview with Don Lemon from the day after the Zimmerman verdict, discussing the role of race in the case and public reaction to it. Note one correction: in the interview I note the way that many people have tried to rationalize Zimmerman’s fear of Martin on the basis of Martin being particularly tall […]

Tim Wise on CNN – 7/15/13 Zimmerman Verdict and Race

My appearance on CNN Newsroom, July 15, 2013 to discuss the racial implications of the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict

No Innocence Left to Kill: Racism, Injustice and Explaining America to My Daughter

You remember, forever and forever, that moment when you first discover the cruelties and injustices of the world, and having been ill-prepared for them, your heart breaks open. I mean really discover them, and for yourself; not because someone else told you to see the elephant standing, gigantic and unrelenting in the middle of your […]

Tim Wise on All In With Chris Hayes, MSNBC, 7/8/13 Discussing George Zimmerman Trial

Here is my appearance on All In, to discuss the Zimmerman trial and issues of race surrounding the killing of Trayvon Martin Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Revisiting a Past Essay — Honky Wanna Cracker? Examining the Myth of Reverse Racism

In light of reports that Trayvon Martin referred to George Zimmerman as a “crazy-ass cracker” while talking on his cell phone prior to being shot and killed by the latter, many have suggested (including Zimmerman’s defense attorney) that it was Martin, rather than Zimmerman who introduced race to the confrontation with his client that night. […]

Tim Wise on CNN 6/27/13 – On Racism, Language and The Power of Slurs

Of Children and Inkblots: Trayvon Martin and the Psychopathology of Whiteness

Write this down if you need to. Tweet it to yourself. Put it on your Facebook wall, never to be deleted from your ever-growing and cluttered timeline. Memorize it. Trayvon Martin is not an inkblot, the meaning of which is yours to interpret. He is not a walking Rorschach, whom one is free to see […]