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A Kick in the Gut(feld): Racism, Welfare Dependence, and FOX’s Clown Prince of Prejudice

I’m not sure how he managed to finagle a slot on any news-related show, but Greg Gutfeld — possibly the most consistently mendacious member of the FOX News roundtable program “The Five,” and whose most important accomplishment was an accident of timing (he just so happened to go to high school with Barry Bonds) — […]

Flying Below Radar: Race, Privilege and the Evidence of Things Not Felt

Recently I was driving down I-95, between Baltimore and Wilmington, Delaware, behind the wheel of a GMC Yukon: a rental car procured a day earlier from the airport. It was larger than my normal rental, and more of an incipient threat to the planet than what I would have preferred. But I long ago learned […]