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Catching Up – News Bits and Bytes for the Past Week

I’ve been unable to post for a few days , due to hectic travel and difficulty figuring out how to embed links to the site using my iPad (which is all I had with me on the road), because for some reason the editing options for WordPress sites are different on the iPad than a […]

How to Make Sarah Palin Look Rational: Christine O’Donnell’s Special Brand of Stupid*

Wow, the Tea Partiers just make it so damned easy to ridicule them. Just when you thought nobody could make Sarah Palin look informed by comparison, along comes Christine O’Donnell, the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware, she of the “masturbation is a sin” school of evangelical Christian silliness. O’Donnell is such an extreme […]

Your House is on Ground Zero (and Quite Without Permission)

In all the rancor over whether or not one group of Muslims should be allowed to build a cultural center and worship space near the site of the 9/11 attacks — which were committed by a separate and totally unrelated group of Muslims — there is one thing above all else that no one appears […]

What was that about “defiling sacred ground?” An indigenous take on the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy…

Oh hell yes…powerful piece from Simon Moya-Smith at Indian Country Today about the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy and the way in which Christians have never minded defiling indigenous sites of importance. Check it out. And I’ll have an essay coming out tomorrow that touches on some of these same themes, but especially about New York…Here […]

What to Do When Fred Phelps and His Cult Are Picketing…

OK, so again, this was a had-to post. The evil little trolls at the Westboro Baptist Church (Topeka, KS) were recently protesting a Jewish Federation (not sure where), because they’ve apparently decided it’s not enough to just bash LGBT folks, they also gotta get back at the “Christ Killers” too. Naturally. Anyway, the folks from […]

Book Burning in Gainesville: Religious Bigot Alert…

Gee, I always thought Christians were so law-abiding (snark)…But here we see some who claim to be Christians, not only exercising their rank bigotry, with plans to burn copies of the Qur’an, but planning to do so in spite of a local law against the burning, and denial of a permit to burn them. The […]

Proof that Racists Often Put White Supremacy Over Money – Green is not the only color that matters…

You may have heard a few weeks ago about the case from the South suburbs of Chicago,  where a white family is being sued for discrimination, for refusing to sell their house to a black family. And this refusal came in spite of the fact that the black family had submitted the highest bid for […]

“Colorblind” on CSPAN’s BookTV, San Francisco, 6/23/10

Author Tim Wise debates the racial meaning, if any, of the election of Barack Obama. He suggests that American society may be farther away from racial equity than many would think. The book launch event in San Francisco was held at the publisher’s book store, City Lights. Watch full video

Tim Wise at Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL., 2/1/10

Open Your Mind Lecture Series – Oakwood University – Tim Wise spoke February 1, 2010 in Moran Hall.

Exposing the Pro-Life Lie

The murder today of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas confirms what many of us have long known. Among those who call themselves pro-life, there are plenty who are anything but. They are terrorists, plain and simple, who seek to subordinate women to the religiously fanatical, patriarchal dystopia of their theocratic fantasies. At best, they are […]