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Surprise! More anti-Muslim bigotry. Who would have guessed???

Gee, who could have guessed that with all the Muslim-bashing coming from the right, and especially regarding the “Ground Zero Mosque,” some jackass would decide to act out in a violent act of hatred? Amazing: words have consequences. Who knew? Nor is it surprising that some right-wing white blowhard, like Rep Roy Blunt, of Missouri, […]

Black Power’s Gonna Git You Sucka: Right-Wing Paranoia and the Rhetoric of Modern Racism

Prominent white conservatives are angry about racism. Forget all that talk about a post-racial society. They know better than to believe in such a thing, and they’re hopping mad. What is it that woke them up finally, after all these years of denial, during which they insisted that racism was a thing of the past? […]

Imagine: Protest, Insurgency and the Workings of White Privilege

Let’s play a game, shall we? The name of the game is called “Imagine.” The way it’s played is simple: we’ll envision recent happenings in the news, but then change them up a bit. Instead of envisioning white people as the main actors in the scenes we’ll conjure — the ones who are driving the […]

Sick Heil: Racial Paranoia, White Victimology and the Hitlerizing of Obama

If you get a chance, today or perhaps tomorrow, do yourself a favor. Look up some file footage, perhaps on YouTube, of Adolf Hitler, addressing his followers. I know, it doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your day, or even a few minutes of it, but trust me, there’s a point to the […]

The Tyranny of Common Sense: Examining the Faulty Logic of “Terrorist” Profiling

Published on, 8/2/05 Growing up in the South, I often heard folks criticize others for being “common.” To be called common was to be vilified as trashy and unworthy of respect. Putting aside the elitist implications of such a slur, the pejorative nature of the term has always stuck with me, so much so […]

Frontpage Mag symposium on Ward Churchill, Academic Freedom and the Left

Reposted from FrontPage Friday, March 04, 2005 This is the partial transcript of a debate hosted by the conservative website,, in March, 2005, in which Tim Wise participated. The predominant “narrator” voice is that of a FrontpageMag moderator, Jamie Glazov. Ward Churchill’s vilification of the 9/11 victims “as little Eichmans” crystallized, once again, the […]

Reflections on Empire and Uppity Indians

Published on Counterpunch,, 2/9/05 I should have known better than to listen in to the conversation immediately to my left, sitting as I was in the Northwest Airlines World Club, in Detroit. Unlike most of the folks who have paid their $450 for an annual membership — which entitles one to little more than […]

Tim Wise – Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, 1/05

Tim Wise – White Like Me speech, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, January 2005

Race to Our Credit: Denial, Privilege and Life as a Majority

Published as a ZNet Commentary, 1/06/05 Sometimes it can be difficult, having a conversation with those whose political views are so diametrically opposed to one’s own. But even more challenging, is having a discussion with someone who simply refuses to accept even the most basic elements of your worldview. At that point, disagreement is less […]

The Same Only Different: Reflections on the Myth of American Exceptionalism

Published on ZNet,, 5/13/04 Though I have little faith in his ability to detect (or even define) irony, it would be interesting to know what the President thinks about the decision to reopen the investigation into the murder of Emmett Till in Mississippi, in 1955. Especially since Mr. Bush has spent the better part […]