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Frontpage Mag symposium on Ward Churchill, Academic Freedom and the Left

Reposted from FrontPage Friday, March 04, 2005 This is the partial transcript of a debate hosted by the conservative website,, in March, 2005, in which Tim Wise participated. The predominant “narrator” voice is that of a FrontpageMag moderator, Jamie Glazov. Ward Churchill’s vilification of the 9/11 victims “as little Eichmans” crystallized, once again, the […]

Playing the World War Two Card: Nostalgia and the War on Terrorism

Published as a ZNet Commentary, December 16, 2001 Traveling through airports can prove to be quite an educational experience. Therein, one can engage in people watching, examine the culinary habits of corporate types and tourists, and occasionally gain insight into the mindsets of one’s fellow citizens, or at least some of them. This one can […]

Saying No is a Start: The Validity of Anti-War Criticism

Published on Alternet,, 11/20/01. Imagine you live in a community that has been experiencing a serious upsurge in crime. The possibility of being victimized is an ever-present reality, and previous attempts to solve the crime problem in the neighborhood have failed. Frustrated by this fact, local officials announce that beginning tomorrow, police will have […]

Consistently Inconsistent: Rhetoric Meets Reality in the War on Terror

Published on ZNet,, 11/15/01 So it appears as though the Taliban have fallen, or are close to a total collapse; and given what we know about their brutal rule in Afghanistan, this is, so far as it goes, a good thing. Furthermore, this is true no matter how we feel about the war being […]

Holding Terrorists Accountable? It Depends on the Color and the Cause

Published as a ZNet Commentary, November 4, 2001 Note: Approximately one year after the publication of this article, the subject of the piece, William Pierce, died. The group of which he was leader, the National Alliance, has, since his death, floundered for lack of leadership and vision. They are, thankfully, nowhere near the threat they […]

Who’s Being Naive? War-Time Realism Through the Looking Glass

Published as a ZNet Commentary, October 28, 2001, also in The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace, Beacon Press, 2003. To hear those who support the current air assault on Afghanistan tell it, those of us who doubt the likely efficacy of such a campaign, and who question its fundamental morality are not […]

Patriotism as Pathology

Published in LIP Magazine,, October 23, 2001 Since most Americans fail to appreciate irony, it may be impossible for us to acknowledge how fitting it is, and how typical, that we should launch a “war on terrorism” just in time for our own national celebration of one of the most prolific terrorists in modern […]

Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: Racism, Terrorism and American War Mongering

Published on Alternet, as “The Racism of American War-Mongering,” September 17, 2001 Well, the good people of the rural U.S. should be breathing a sigh of relief right about now. After all, with the President and most Americans itching to bomb any place where terrorists might be hiding, one can only imagine the wrath […]