Tim Wise Discussing White Privilege on the David Pakman Show – 5/29/14

My appearance on the David Pakman Show, 5/29/14 to discuss white privilege. Sorry about the loud wallpaper in the background…you can thank the Indianapolis JW Marriott for that visual effect.

Tim Wise on News One Now (With Roland Martin), 5/27/14: Mark Cuban, Internalized Bias and Race in America

Part of my appearance (via Skype) on News One Now with Roland Martin. Here we discuss comments by Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban, regarding his own internalized fears of young black men, and what the matter says about race in America and the way we discuss racism as a national problem.

The entire discussion (around 16 minutes) can be listened to as well below:

Of Platitudes Facile and Persistent: Reflections on the Predictability of a Right Wing Robot

Sometimes one has to wonder: are conservatives really that obtuse, or do they deliberately distort facts and data for political effect?

Either way, let there be no mistake, Crystal Wright, who blogs under the moniker “Conservative Black Chick,” is possibly the most unadulterated prototype of a reality-challenged right-wing zombie ever to take up bandwidth, and that is no small accomplishment. Her almost complete separation from that sometimes useful commodity known as “evidence in support of one’s argument” is no doubt why she has been such a regular on FOX News, where asininity is churned out like buttermilk for those all too happy to ingest it, and it probably explains why she isn’t much used to having her foolishness pointed out. After all, in the echo chamber that is FOX, misunderstanding or misinterpreting things like statistics, or the difference between, say, weather on the one hand and climate on the other, is pretty much normative. Indeed, it’s what pays the bills.

But on Friday night on CNN (see the full video below this essay), I had the honor of confronting Ms. Wright with facts, a happy circumstance about which she was none too pleased, and in response to which she came entirely unglued, to the point where she couldn’t even get my name right, even after being corrected on that rather simple detail multiple times. Needless to say, if you can’t get the name of the person you’re debating right, you aren’t likely to do too well with the facts being discussed.

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Tim Wise on CNN with Don Lemon, 5/14/14: Donald Sterling, Racism and White Denial

Short clip from my May 14th appearance on CNN, in which I argue that the most disturbing thing Donald Sterling has said is not his blatant bigotry towards folks of color (specifically blacks), but his statement to Anderson Cooper that racism really isn’t a big problem in America anymore. It is this view, shared sadly by most white Americans, which actually makes progress on racial inequity harder. Condemning white supremacy in the guise of bigotry is easy. Confronting the white supremacy that comes in the form of white denial, and tells people of color “I know your reality better than you do,” is far more difficult.

Tim Wise at University of Wyoming, March, 2012: White Anxiety and the Politics of Resentment

Just found this…a part of my speech at the University of Wyoming in March 2012

Video streaming by Ustream

Tim Wise at Fieldston School (Bronx, NY), 4/8/14

My speech in April at Ethical Culture/Fieldston School in NYC, at the Bronx (Fieldston) campus.

Tim Wise Interview w/ Jenn Jackson, 4/15/14: White Allyship, Antiracism and Accountability

Here is my recent interview with Jenn Jackson (Water Cooler Convos), regarding white allyship, antiracism and accountability. I really appreciate Jenn’s work, and the fact that she was so open to having this conversation, even after having been pretty critical of me in print on her blog. I thought she raised good points, even if I disagreed, and so I sought out further dialogue via e-mail. Then she had the idea of doing this interview, and I think it was a positive way to discuss these important issues.

Tim Wise on Sirius XM, Stand Up! With Pete Dominick, 5/1/14

My appearance, 5/1 on Pete Dominick’s Sirius XM show, discussing the week’s race-related news, including the Donald Sterling flap, Cliven Bundy the welfare rancher, broader issues of white privilege and institutional bias, as well as a discussion about racial scapegoating and bias in the debate over social programs in America. Good stuff…always glad to chat with Pete: a great guy and a fantastic talk show host…

Tim Wise at Skyline College, San Bruno, CA 4/24/14

My talk today at Skyline College in San Francisco (San Bruno), CA…an amazing event with lots of wonderful folks, intent on building a more equitable and just world…thanks for having me!

Video streaming by Ustream

Hate Swallows: Reflections on the Passing of Fred Phelps

By the time you read this, Fred Phelps will be dead.

Fred Phelps, who more than anyone in the last two decades has come to symbolize the most viscerally evil edge of Christian heterosexism — and who made a name for himself by picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in combat with “God Hates Fags” signs (since naturally, the only reason the soldiers died was because the U.S. is too tolerant of homosexuality) — is no longer among the living. He has cursed his last lesbian couple, picketed his last funeral, fired off his last hate-saturated fax, filled with utterly out-of-context and maniacally pasted-together Bible verses, all intended to prove his point about the hostile homophobia of the Creator.

Well, if there be a Creator, it is probably safe to say that Fred Phelps is even now learning the hard way (at least one can dream), just how incredibly, indelibly wrong he was while tethered to this mortal coil. Would that his demise might soften the hearts of his church, or rather his family (same thing), which continues to pour forth the bilious codswallop handed down to them by their psychotic father and grandfather, a man so besotted with contempt for virtually everyone outside of his Topeka klavern as to call into question how he managed to live this long. Antipathy, after all, eats away at the body as with the soul, and with as much odium as was regularly emitted from the pores of Fred Phelps, his body should well have given out years ago. His soul, or whatever there was of it, had no doubt rotted decades earlier.

And so now the Phelps fury will fall to the remaining elders of the Westboro Baptist Church, people like Shirley Phelps-Roper, Fred’s daughter, who evinces a frenzied, almost orgasmic degree of vitriol every bit as concretized as anything her deranged dad ever managed to show the world. As do the male elders of the church who apparently have been sparring with Shirley, and even went so far as to excommunicate Fred in the months leading up to his demise. Talk about irony: Fred Phelps, kicked out of his own Tabernacle of Spite by those upon whom he bestowed such malevolence in the first place.

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