Ongoing Debate With Conservative Blogger, A.R. Ward, on Race and Racism in America

Back in November, 2011, I was approached by A.R. Ward, a blogger over at Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment site, and asked if I would be interested in engaging in a debate or dialogue of sorts, regarding the issue of race and racism in America. I knew of A.R. only because, for the previous several months, he […]

Flipping a Bird: Or, Why People Shouldn’t Trust Guys Who Play With Pigeons

An Online Debate With John “Birdman” Bryant The following is an online “debate” between Tim Wise and John “Birdman” Bryant, concerning an article written by Wise, to which Bryant responded. Bryant is an internet-based commentator on issues of race, whose perspective is decidedly racist, white supremacist and anti-Jewish. In addition to spinning yarns about the […]

Transcript of Radio Debate between Jared Taylor and Tim Wise on the Infidel Guy Show

May 11, 2005 HOST: Greetings everyone and welcome once again to another episode of Live with the Infidel Guy. I am your host Reggie Finley and I’ll tell you what, we’re going to have a very interesting program tonight. I’m a little nervous, actually, about this program because I have no idea how this is […]

Frontpage Mag symposium on Ward Churchill, Academic Freedom and the Left

Reposted from FrontPage Friday, March 04, 2005 This is the partial transcript of a debate hosted by the conservative website,, in March, 2005, in which Tim Wise participated. The predominant “narrator” voice is that of a FrontpageMag moderator, Jamie Glazov. Ward Churchill’s vilification of the 9/11 victims “as little Eichmans” crystallized, once again, the […]

Exchange With David Horowitz on Racism

Reposted from Z Net In September, 2000, Tim Wise, wrote an article called ‘Gore-Vey’, about Lieberman’s Vice-Presidential candidacy with Al Gore and the Democratic Party. David Horowitz, a prominent conservative, called Wise a ‘self-hating Jew’, and a debate ensued on an email listserve. The following is the exchange: