Tim Wise on 101.1 The Beat w/Dolewite – Race, Policing and Whiteness in America

These are several short clips from Tim Wise’s recent appearance with Dolewite on 101.1 The Beat (Nashville), to discuss recent police shootings and their relationship to racial inequality in America.

In this first clip, Wise responds to common white deflections about racism, and explores the selective way in which white Americans choose to remember (or forget) certain aspects of our history.

In this clip, Wise explains the importance of saying “Black lives matter,” and responds to the absurd claims by some that BLM and the movement for police reform and accountability is “waging a war on cops.”

In this clip, Wise discusses the proven racial disproportionality of police misconduct in communities of color and responds to those who claim there is no such disparity or that such disparities are justified by crime rates in black and brown spaces

In this clip, Wise responds to the common argument that black folks should spend less time worrying about police brutality and more time addressing “black on black crime.”

In this clip, Wise explores the reasons why so many white Americans seem unwilling to listen to people of color when it comes to their experiences with racism and discrimination.

In this clip, Wise examines the history of the notion of whiteness and how it has been used to divide and conquer working class people for hundreds of years.

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