#WhiteLiesMatter – Part Two: Debunking Racist Apologetics One Fact at a Time

Well that didn’t take long.

Shortly after I began posting #WhiteLiesMatter entries on Twitter, naturally the white nationalist trolls at American Renaissance decided to chime in, claiming that I had misrepresented one of the data points, and creating their own hashtag #WiseLiesMatter.

Very pithy. Too bad their “correction” was total bullshit.

They insisted that I was misrepresenting the data on black homicide rates. I had noted that since 1950, black male homicide was down by 37%, and had later gone in and tweeted below that (and then corrected it on Facebook), that actually for men the number was a one-third reduction, and 37% for blacks overall. Not only did AmRen miss that correction tweet, they said I was fudging by saying black homicide rates were down, because those numbers only refer to the homicide death rate for blacks, per capita (i.e., their rate of victimization), rather than their rate of offending. In other words, the white nationalists are implying that blacks are murdering more people now than ever, per capita, even if they themselves are less likely to die from murder than before. And of course, the implication they want people to draw is what? That they’re killing whitey! Run for the hills!

But actually, black homicide offending is also way down. From 1976-2005, which is the latest data I was able to find on this, the black homicide offending rate fell 43 percent. So that’s even bigger than the victimization decline. Even though that data ends ten years ago, homicide rates for all races have continued to fall since that time, so the rate today would be even lower, and thus, the decline in black homicide offending would be even bigger than the 43 percent figure.

Oh, and here’s another entry…

Lie: Black substance abuse higher No: Drug use rufly = but whites booze more http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hus/2014/055.pdf, http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hus/2014/058.pdf … #WhiteLiesMatter

Posted by Tim Wise on Thursday, May 21, 2015

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