This is What Happens…When You Heckle the Child of a Stand-Up Comic (Tim Wise at U of Cincinnati, 9/13)

Just was tipped off to this video. I remembered the event but didn’t know anyone taped it,,,

Some Nazi punk thought it was a good idea to fuck with me at the University of Cincinnati last September. He saved up all his energy just to let everyone know that I was Jewish. This is a “secret” about as “secret” as the fact that “Captain” from the 1970s super-duo Captain and Tennille never actually piloted a boat. In other words, no shit…Way to go skinhead. You had one job: actually discredit Tim Wise in the Q&A of his speech, and you failed…miserably.

This is what happens when you decide to heckle someone whose dad was a stand up comic and therefore taught him how to deal with hecklers really damned early…please, show up again Nazis. I enjoy playing with you…

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