#DangerousBlackKids – A Twitter Meme to Challenge the Dehumanization of Black Youth

Found this really inspiring today: An ever expanding Twitter meme called #DangerousBlackKids, which both mocks and directly confronts the seemingly never-ending dehumanization and criminalization of black youth. In the wake of the Michael Dunn trial, which hinged on whether Jordan Davis essentially provoked his own murder at the hands of Dunn (a question on which the jury, of course, disagreed), it is more important than ever to push back against this perpetual criminalization of the black body. Although Twitter and other social media can never accomplish this goal on its own, it’s a good place to start. All credit for this amazing idea is due to Jamie Nesbitt Golden (@thewayoftheid) and Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia), who initiated it. Follow them on twitter, and regularly check out their blog as well.

So click to read more, and pass it around. And if you have pics you want to add, do it on Twitter with the hashtag #DangerousBlackKids

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