Flashback: Affirmative Action Debate, 2007: Destroying Conservative Nonsense

Oh damn…somebody just sent me this and reminded of how much fun I had thoroughly eviscerating right-wing nonsense in a debate back in 2007 on affirmative action for the now venerable IQ-squared debate series. I was teamed up with my friend Kimberle Crenshaw (of Columbia and UCLA Law Schools), and Khin Mai Aung of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. We were opposing Terence Pell of the Center for Individual Rights, John McWhorter, conservative fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and Joseph Phillips, a black conservative actor whose claim to fame is that he was on the Cosby Show or something…enjoy. Even though I got cut off at the end, by Robert Siegel (who didn’t seem to like me at all, which makes me happy, actually), I’m still pretty happy with this.

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