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Race, Class, Violence and Denial: Mass Murder and the Pathologies of Privilege

The senselessness alone would have been sufficient. So too the sheer horror. The devastated families, the tapestry of their lives ripped apart, would have been more than enough to make the events at Sandy Hook Elementary almost too weighty to bear. Much as they were more than a decade before at Columbine, or in any […]

Of Heroes and Hype: Mass Murder and the Absurdity of the ‘More Guns’ Crowd

As information continues to come in from Newtown, Connecticut — the scene of America’s latest mass killing, this time at an elementary school — there will be much said (and hopefully more to be done) in this nation and culture to diminish the likelihood of such tragedies occurring in the future. But among the least […]

Tim Wise on Colorism and White Supremacy: CNN Special, “Who’s Black in America?” With Soledad O’Brien

Two clips from the 2012 CNN feature, “Who’s Black in America?” produced and hosted by Soledad O’Brien, in which I discuss the origins and ongoing issue of colorism, and its relationship to white supremacy Clip 2