Insights and Outbursts – Volume 2

Another collection of short sound clips from longer speeches, each one focused on a particular theme or sub-topic. For full descriptions of the clips, click below the audio player, where it says “Read the rest of this entry…”

1. From my September 2011 talk at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. In this snippet, I respond to a question about how we should understand or think about biracial and multiracial folks’ experiences in a system of racism/white supremacy.

2. From my September 2011 speech at Spalding University in Louisville. In this clip I discuss the way in which the U.S. clearly prioritizes incarceration over education, and analyze the systemic logic — however twisted — of inequality, and how it is “rational” from the perspective of those who benefit from the economic status quo…

3. Brief snippet from longer September, 2011 speech in Louisville at Spalding University. In this clip I discuss the importance of human empathy and the ways in which USAmerican culture devalues it in the name of patriotism and hyper-nationalism.

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