Occupying Privilege: New Anthology from JLove Calderon Just Released!

Announcing the release of JLove Calderon’s new book, Occupying Privilege: Conversations on Love, Race and Liberation. Get a copy (get several and share them!) today!

In Occupying Privilege, today’s cultural icons–writers, activists, educators, and artists—offer unique and fresh perspectives on white supremacy, white privilege, and racial justice.

So, um, what the hell is white privilege anyway, and do I have it?

The short answer is if you’re white, yeah, you do. Good news is, there’s a lot we can do, together, to undo the power dynamics and racism which keep us from embracing freedom for all. Imagine if we could all agree that racism does exist, without the feelings of blame, shame, and guilt, then we could be in the business of changing it. This book will help you get there. A book for the people by the people, told through stories, conversations, letters, and essays, readers will learn about white supremacy, media’s spin control, (mis)education, the criminal IN-justice system, cultural appropriation, and racism’s continued impact on people of color and white people.

When you Occupy Privilege you’ll discover:

The difference (and there are many!) between white privilege, white supremacy, racism, discrimination and more–knowledge is power!

The stories and struggles of people of all color, their own relation to privilege, and how they are undoing it one poem, flow, rhyme, letter, beat, and day at a time. Here, the personal is political.

How not to drown in the guilt of the history of whiteness in America. You are not alone in this work!

When you buy this book, you are buying into a bigger movement for justice and liberation. All profits will be going to organizations that fight for racial justice!


Sonia Sanchez, Tim Wise, Inga Muscio, Rosa Clemente, DJ Kuttin Kandi, Eddie Ellis, Margery Freeman, Jeff Chang, M1, Suheir Hammad, Jonny 5 (Flobots), Danny Hoch, Talib Kweli & his father Dr. Perry Greene, Dr. Pedro Noguera, April Silver, Dr. Marcella Runell Hall, Cameron Levin, Susan B. Goldberg, Dr. Jared Ball & his mother Arnette Ball, Baba Israel, Sofia Quintero, Esther Armah, Chelsea Gregory, Hector Calderon, and more.

“Occupying Privilege is a necessary weapon in the war against unearned privilege and unmerited suffering. This volume—which brings together some of the most brilliant, committed, and principled cultural workers on the planet—provides us with the tools for thinking, struggling, and loving our way into new forms of freedom, justice and healing. This book is an instant classic!”
– Marc Lamont Hill, author of The Classroom and the Cell: Conversations on Black Life in America.

“In Occupying Privilege, JLove weaves together a multi-genre journey of political memoir, anthology, history lesson, and ‘how to’ for the radical yet necessary vision of global liberation for all people. Get it. Spread it. Do it.”
– Richard Nash, ex-Publisher, Soft Skull Press

“In this timely anthology, JLove has brought together some of the greatest thinkers of our generation to tackle one of the most vital and often overlooked topics of the day.”
– Ben Synder, writer, producer

“Occupying Privilege is an essential resource for anyone working for our collective healing, survival and liberation. Buy this totally inspiring and practical book and use its insights as a guide to getting together for racial and economic justice.”
– Paul Kivel, educator, activist, & author Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice. www.paulkivel.com

“Original, fresh, and inspiring; a useful tool in the fight against racial injustice.”
– Eddie Moore, Jr. Founder/Program Director of The White Privilege Conference

“JLove radiantly intertwines personal journeys of struggle, power, privilege, transformation, and agency– crafting a powerful, inspiring, useful, and healing message situated in social justice, love, and liberation. Occupying Privilege is a much needed and insightful dialogue by some of today’s most courageous, authentic, creative, and influential voices.”
– Michael Benitez Jr., social justice educator, activist, scholar

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