Clip of Tim Wise discussing Allyship and Solidarity, from New Film, Featuring Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation

Clip of Tim Wise discussing the importance of allyship and solidarity in the struggle against oppression, from the newly-released film, “Vocabulary of Change,” which features a May, 2011 public conversation between Wise and Angela Davis, in Oakland, CA. The full DVD can be purchased here

In this clip, Wise is responding to a point Angela had made regarding several Muslim Imams who had been ejected from a plane because their presence made others nervous. Wise is suggesting that unless non-Muslims who are outraged by that kind of thing are prepared to physically protest the mistreatment by getting off the plane themselves, and standing in solidarity — or in other situations, to put themselves and their own conveniences and comforts on the line — it is unlikely that other members of the dominant group will rethink their prejudices.

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