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Tim Wise on CNN (from May, 2011), discussing Donald Trump’s attack on President Obama

Here is the old clip (which I didn’t know had ever been made available, frankly) from CNN, in which I discussed (via telephone) Donald Trump’s absurd, and frankly racist allegations about President Obama’s lack of academic credentials. Dated now, but still a pretty good one…

Short Presentation on White Privilege/Racism – Austin Peay State University, 2011

Here is a short presentation on white privilege, from earlier this year at Austin Peay State University, in Clarksville, TN. Since my other WP presentation on the web is quite a bit longer, this one might be more user friendly for some folks, either for classroom or personal use. Somewhat basic 101/201 level, but still […]

Tim Wise Interview and Speech, Edmonds Community College, May 2011

Here is an interview and full speech video from May at Edmonds Community College, in Lynwood, WA, conducted by Christine Hudyma. This interview was immediately following my lecture at the school, and explores issues ranging from my own upbringing and involvement in antiracist work, to larger matters of institutional racism, white racial resentment in the […]

Race, Intelligence and the Limits of Science: Reflections on the Moral Absurdity of “Racial Realism”

Some things are so predictable that you can very nearly set your clock by them. High on the list of predictable happenings in my own life is the regular and repeated receipt of e-mails or Facebook messages whose authors insist that in my passion for the elimination of racial inequities, I am wasting my time, […]

I’m in a David Banner Song??!! Yep…Well, at Least the You Tube Video…

New You Tube promotional clip for David Banner’s latest, “SWAG,” which features an intro of me speaking on the use of the n-word at Boston College in 2004…I’m not on the actual single, which you can get at iTunes, but still, it’s cool being on the You Tube version…maybe it’ll make the cut when he […]

Racism, Violence and the Irony of Stereotypes

Sometimes you just know it’s going to be a long day. Especially when the subject line of the first e-mail of the morning reads like this: “HEY NIGGER LOVING KIKE…” There are lots of things one can think upon reading such a well-crafted piece of prose. Among them: 1) Ya’ know, there really should be […]

Rush Limbaugh — Obama is Going to Confiscate Your Land, White People!!!!

Wow, no racist dog-whistle there, Rush! Just another example of how the right plays deliberately to white racial resentment and anxiety…In this case, by suggesting that Obama’s “role model” is Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and that the “next thing” to be looking out for is “for Obama to take the farms,” because “that’s what Mugabe did…”

New Books on the Way!!! White Like Me (The Remix) and Dear White America — Pre-Order Now!

Just a note to let folks know that I will have two new books out in the next several months. First, a revised (and I mean totally revised and remixed) version of White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son, will be released in late August, from Soft Skull/Counterpoint. Even if you read […]

Hey Breitbart — Libel is what you did to Shirley Sherrod and helped do to ACORN, NOT what I did to you…

WITH IMPORTANT UPDATE — SEE BELOW Andrew Breitbart — aka The Notorious P.I.G. — took time out of his important work tracking down pictures of Anthony Weiner’s penis this week, to accuse me of libeling him on Facebook. On June 4, amid Weiner-related tweets and other bits of brilliance (limited to 140 characters because that’s […]

Documentary Project: Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation – Your Help Needed

On May 13th in Oakland, California, a documentary crew filmed the extraordinary, sold-out conversation between two of the country’s leading voices on race and politics. The footage will be used as the core content of an educational documentary that thousands can watch and use as a catalyst for reflection, discussion and activism. Join the community […]