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Documentary Project: Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation – Your Help Needed

On May 13th in Oakland, California, a documentary crew filmed the extraordinary, sold-out conversation between two of the country’s leading voices on race and politics. The footage will be used as the core content of an educational documentary that thousands can watch and use as a catalyst for reflection, discussion and activism. Join the community […]

Tim Wise on CNN, 5/14/11: Common’s White House Invite and the Attack on Hip-Hop

DIscussing the right’s attack on hip-hop and Common’s invitation to the White House

Killing One Monster, Unleashing Another: Reflections on Revenge and Revelry

There is a particularly trenchant scene in the documentary film, Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead, in which Blecker — who teaches at New York Law School and is the nation’s most prominent pro-death penalty scholar — travels to Tennessee’s Riverbend Prison for the execution of convicted murderer, Daryl Holton. Blecker is adamant that Holton, who […]

Trump Card: White Denial, Racial Resentment and the Art of the Heel

There is no one in the world more creative than a white person trying to deny their racism, after having said or done something incredibly racist. Whether it’s the Orange County California Republican activist who recently sent around the e-mail with the picture of the Obamas portrayed as chimpanzees, or the folks who show up […]