But Rand Paul says this is OK…

Today comes the story of of Abbotsford, Wisconsin businessman Mark Prior, who wants to keep blacks out of his soon-to-be-opened “Gentlemen’s Club” (also known as a strip joint, or in my part of the country, and by the Neanderthals who actually patronize such places, a “titty bar.”)

Why does it not surprise me that the kind of guy who would want to open a “Gentlemen’s Club” (which typically involves the hyper-exploitation of women), might also, a) be a racist; b) not know the law which prohibits his stupid ass from barring patrons on the basis of race; and c) be the kind of illiterate who thinks you spell Negroes with a frickin apostrophe before the “s.” Perhaps the club should ban people who can’t spell. But then again, if they did that, they might not have any customers left.


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