Having to Turn off Comments for a While – Sorry About This

As many of you have noticed, for the past month (roughly) I have not been approving comments on my posts, either new or archived. I got behind basically, and then the comments started to pile up, including a steady stream of just nasty evil crap — mostly from right wing zombies and such — which I frankly just didn’t feel like reading, let alone posting on the site of course. So I just stopped paying attention for a while.

Today, after my post-election piece went semi-viral the comments poured in again. Many supportive, others not — which is fine — but some, once again, purely vile and borderline sociopathic. The trolls over at SomethingAwful apparently are also trying to cook up some kind of internet based attack on me, for which I have already alerted the proper authorities (as several of the possible lines of attack are purely illegal, and the kinds of things for which I will happily destroy them in return, financially and legally if need be). So for now, unfortunately the ability to comment on the site will be disabled for all new posts, and I won’t be approving any new comments on archived material either. I will leave everything currently in the comment queue there, in case I decide to revisit commenting again in the near future.


And seriously, if you don’t like what I have to say, cool. Go write a rebuttal piece, on your own site, or on some properly inflammatory web board. Have at it. No big deal. The strange and bullying tendencies that some folks have — which compel them to invade another person’s space and become abusive to them — is something I will never understand. It is something for which medication may be the only solution.

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