Glenn Beck Defends Tea Party Candidate Linked to Racist, Violent Motorcycle Gang

Imagine for a moment that any Democratic Party candidate, especially a black or brown one, were to invite members of the Bloods, Crips or MS-13 (a notorious Salvadoran-American street gang) to attend one of their campaign events, or to provide personal security for that candidate during an interview.

Or imagine that the candidate of color were to speak at a rally organized by persons who are affiliated with those gangs.

What would the outcry be from the right? From white people generally? From Glenn Beck in particular? To ask the question is to answer it.

But when the candidate is a Tea Partier, the fact that he’s affiliated with gangs doesn’t matter, even if he is black. And so Beck can call that candidate a “man of integrity.” Because those gangs are gangs of white bikers, specifically the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, notorious for all types of criminal activity, from drug and gun running to murder. And of course, white gangs don’t count.

The Outlaws are also notoriously racist against folks of color — which makes candidate Allen West even more pathetic for defending them — but of course, their racism won’t bother the right either…

All in a day’s work when your life relies on double standards…

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