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St. Louis, MO – 10/28/10 – St. Louis University

Cedar Falls, IA – 10/26/10 – University of Northern Iowa

Tim Wise on CNN’s “What the Week” with Pete Dominick, 10/23/10

Here’s my appearance on CNN’s “What the Week” with Pete Dominick, from 10/23/10, discussing racial and religious bias, the Juan Williams controversy and NPR…There are about two minutes of set up for the piece before the interview: worth watching in its entirety…

Memphis, TN – 10/23/10 – Gandhi/King Conference on Peacemaking – Keynote

Affirmative Action for Dummies: Explaining the Difference Between Oppression and Opportunity

One of the best things about getting to speak to audiences across the country is the opportunity to engage with them during the question and answer sessions that follow my formal presentations. Although the questions posed are often contentious — no surprise given that the subject is racism and white privilege, and oftentimes white folks […]

Bikini Liberalism: Juan Williams, Implicit Bias and the Trouble With NPR

I’ve never been a fan of Juan Williams. Far too chummy with his FOX News colleagues and too eager to attack longstanding civil rights leaders in the name of supposedly courageous political “independence,” Williams is one I have never thought to defend before. But today such a defense is deserved. Williams, it turns out, has […]

New Report on Tea Party Movement: Racist, Christian Supremacist Ties Documented

For those who still refuse to believe that the Tea Party movement is thoroughly infested with racists, white nationalists, Christian supremacists and assorted extremists — and who cleave to the lie that they are only protesting “big government,” taxes and deficits – this report completely demolishes any legitimacy to the latter, sanguine view. Put together for […]

Glenn Beck Defends Tea Party Candidate Linked to Racist, Violent Motorcycle Gang

Imagine for a moment that any Democratic Party candidate, especially a black or brown one, were to invite members of the Bloods, Crips or MS-13 (a notorious Salvadoran-American street gang) to attend one of their campaign events, or to provide personal security for that candidate during an interview. Or imagine that the candidate of color […]

News Roundup — Bits and Bytes from the Past Few Days

Once again, I’ve fallen behind on posting (and comment approval — sorry about that), but am trying to catch up and post a bunch this coming week, along with a few new essays. In the past week or so there have been several interesting stories and/or articles, bouncing around the web, that touch on race. […]

Tim Wise Named one of “25 Visionaries Who are Changing Your World” by Utne Reader

Although they didn’t go into much detail, Utne Reader — which rarely touches issues related to race or individuals who work on those issues — has named me one of 2010’s “25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World.” Therein I am referred to — in a positive way it appears — as “The Confrontationalist,” because […]