Social Science Roundup: Links for 9/2/10

Several good items today:

First, an excerpt of what looks like it could be her best book yet: Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich, in which the author critically examines the uniquely American tendency to elevate “positive thinking” to the level of both a coping strategy and social movement. Lots of good insight here.

Then, a piece that is both informative and sobering about how African American faculty deal with stress in the college classroom, which is here:

Then a very interesting piece on the psychological stresses and impacts of acculturation on the part of Asian Americans, including some fascinating insights on the harms of the model minority myth, which is here:

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  1. The Pittman article is really something! I felt like I had been interviewed. I think that the study is more generalizable than the author states in the “limitations” section.


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