$&*# Right-Wingers Say…

The last few days have been especially filled with right-wing race-baiting and resentment, not to mention general nastiness so befitting reactionary white men with large audience share.

To wit the following:

On September 22, Rush Limbaugh’s fill-in host announced his plan for creating national unity. No, it wasn’t to address the predatory lending of banks and mortgage brokers, especially in poor communities of color. No it wasn’t to create a unifying national health care system. No, it wasn’t to produce equity of resources in our public schools. The host, Mark Davis, had more important business to address: namely, the need for the Congressional Black Caucus to disband, because, ya know, they are the reason we have racial discord in the United States. Of course. Davis also noted that, “The only group of people that America systemically gladly discriminates against now is white people,” which hardly needed saying, right? What with white men about half as likely to be out of work as black men (even when they both have college degrees), and what with whites having, on average, about twelve times the net worth of black folks, and what with racial profiling against white guys at an all-time high.

Meanwhile, upon Rush’s return to the mic yesterday, and still, apparently, coming down from an Oxy high, Limbaugh noted that anyone who voted for Obama “deserves” to be unemployed and miserable.

So, in other words, the nation’s most prominent conservative spokesperson hopes people are suffering. This is what he wants. For people to hurt, to be in pain. This is sadism, plain and simple. But since his audience is filled with hateful and mean-spirited types, his descent into this kind of rhetoric won’t get him in any kind of trouble with the listeners. That this diatribe means Limbaugh wants most every black person in America to suffer will also go unnoticed I’m sure, despite its racist implications.

Nor will Glenn Beck suffer any loss of popularity, despite promoting the work of an overtly racist, anti-Jewish bigot named Eustace Mullins on his TV show. In discussing the Federal Reserve (about which there are plenty of legitimate critiques from the left), Beck descended into the pit of conspiratorial and fascist propaganda by extolling the insights of Mullins, whose other writings include the 1952 classic, “Adolph Hitler: An Appreciation.” Way to go Glenn.

Oh, and finally, we have Birther King Jerome Corsi, weighing in that Obama needs to do more than produce his birth certificate. Indeed, now he needs to “renounce Lucifer.” Because, ya know, he’s not only a Kenyan Marxist. He’s a Satanic Kenyan Marxist. While we’re at it, I would also like the president to renounce John Wayne Gacy and Idi Amin, because Gacy lived near Chicago (coincidence? I think not), and Amin was black. What more need be said?

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  1. I’m going to start off by saying that what Mark Davis said was just stupid. That said…

    Is your argument, regarding the Congressional Black Caucus, that as long as there is still institutional racism against non-whites that it’s then ok for overtly racial groups to be formed by non-whites? Because I’m fairly certain that attitude has contributed to this actual, overt government sponsored racism:


    “In the spring of 2009, Ms. King, who had by then been appointed Acting AAG for Civil Rights by the Obama Administration, called me to her office and specifically instructed me that I was not to ask any other applicants whether they would be willing to, in effect, race-neutrally enforce the VRA. Ms. King took offense that I was asking such a question of job applicants and directed me not to ask it because she does not support equal enforcement of the provisions of the VRA and had been highly critical of the filing and prosecution of the Ike Brown case.”

    Just one little choice quote there for those who won’t bother reading it. See again, that’s real, actual, unequivocal racism – sanctioned by government officials. Not arbitrary, poorly argued, “lower taxes is right wing code for racism” racism.

    Also regarding the Limbaugh quote about “deserving” to be unemployed if you voted for Obama – it’s about actions having consequences. If you believe and vote for those policies that hurt the country economically you yourself are going to end up hurting economically. Anyone who truly believes Rush Limbaugh wants the average American (black, white, or whatever) to be out of work, simply doesn’t listen to him.

    Regarding Glenn Beck “promoting” the work of a racist – A quote from a book dealing with an issue completely unrelated to race is no more an endorsement of the guy than a pro-choice activist quoting Margaret Sanger/Planned Parenthood would be an endorsement of eugenics and sterilization of the “lesser races”. Heck, I can point you to a number of President Obama appointees who have quoted Mao – someone who has actually implemented mass killings as opposed to some impotent racist no one has heard of.

    There is real systemic racism out in the country (disparate sentencing, unfair housing practices, credit and financing inequalities, etc…) that this constant sniping at a political ideology you disagree with does nothing but lower the credibility of those on the left when they point out true racism.


    Tim Reply:

    Allen – the Coates quote doesn’t say what you think it says: this story has been debunked for months now. Even Abigail Thernstrom, a conservative republican on the civil rights commission has said it is nonsense and there is no evidence of such “racism” by the DOJ…read what the Coates quote says. It says that King instructed him to no longer ask that question, but he interprets the reason as being because she did not believe in race neutral enforcement. Yet this can’t be true, because a) The Ike Brown case WAS pursued by the DOJ, and b) so was the NBPP case (against the one individual who could reasonably be seen as having engaged in illegal activity (and note, NOT ONE voter ever even came forward to complain about intimidation in Philly in that case, not one). fact is, a more reasonable interpretation is that asking such a question — if indeed she instructed him to no longer do it — was more about being offended that such a question would even need to be asked in the first place. She probably assumed that anyone seeking employment in the dept would believe in such a thing, and was perhaps bothered that such a question suggested that in the minds of some of the Bush holdovers, the Obama administration was given to unequal treatment, despite no evidence of that.


    Allen Reply:

    Tim I read (and linked) the entire testimony. I even ended up watching the testimony (instead of the farcical Colbert testimony). This story has not been debunked at all – certainly people have tried to minimize what has occurred within the DOJ, but that’s a far cry from “debunking”. I read both liberal and conservative websites and have not come across anything even remotely close to refuting the charges, and would be more than thrilled to be directed to a link that attempted to do so.

    Regarding your two points to support your implication that we shouldn’t accept King doesn’t believe in race neutral enforcement:

    The Ike Brown case was pursued DESPITE the obstruction by career DOJ officials. Pages five and six of the testimony clearly show that. And the rest of the testimony clearly shows the Obama administration’s (or the Holder Justice Department’s if you prefer) reasons for failing to enforce section 5 of the VRA don’t hold up to examination.

    I understand most people don’t have the time or interest to read 19 pages of testimony, but it’s there, and it’s damning.

    As far as Abigail Thernstrom’s opinions, not only have those been addressed:


    but she herself seems to have walked back from them since.

    New facts require people to re-examine their beliefs. Simply flip the colors in these stories Tim and tell me you wouldn’t have another book ready to publish.


    No1KState Reply:

    Well also, the Bush admin only prosecuted I wanna say 3 VRA cases, and 2 of those were on behalf of white voters, even though the vast majority of complaints come from people of color.


    JohnBron Reply:

    You don’t seem to publish dissenting comments or at least those not written by someone who cannot be easily discredited. In any case.

    For a bit I wasn’t sure if I had misread you as a liberal misreprenter ensconsed in the guise of old hat white guilt. Now I realize I have not. You truly are an individual who either is mislead or is severely purposefully misleading.

    The Coates story was far from debunked my friend. Where in the world are you getting that from? Coates testimony on 9/26 also highlighted the illegal activity of the DOJ as previously testified to by Adams.

    As far as your typical “Bush HoldOvers” dismissing facts as is your style by attempting to paint someones credibility rather then discuss the evident truths, Coates was appointed by Clinton and was promoted during a democratic administration and was highly successful in his lifetime in prosecuting voter violations in favor of minorities. It was his lifes work and he is a believer of law. Not as you imply a BUSH appointee which then must mean he is racist and incompetent.

    The racism cant be true because the NBBP case was pursued? Right up until it was dismissed you mean, despite overwhelming evidence and irrefutable video. Despite several sworn statements and YES, fully detailed complaints of voters and the law regarding voter intimidation and proximity to a polling place. In fact set aside the documented complaints, you have a voter complaint from the person who filmed it and actually called the police…ON video. Yet you still qoute the propaganda excusing the behavior. Why? The excuse you offer or escape rather is that in your mind no voter came forward as being intimidated. Utterly despicable. Again the witness and voter complaints that were created aside, even if no voter complained it is against the law to do what the Panthers did for good reason and only a pandering liar would attempt to excuse the clearly racist men in uniform with a Baton yelling out cracker and their ruling agenda by this nonsensical fiction . One of these men, walks around promoting that “cracka babies be killed” in the name of Black Liberation.

    Here is Coates full statement. I am certain following his testimony and that of Adams as well as another whistleblower purported to be coming forth soon, there will be some well deserved legal and criminal action following the November elections against the DOJ. You would be well served to remember that your credibility also impacts your effectiveness in your career of race baiting. For once you are seen to be transparantly purposely misleading, who will listen to you?
    Very akin to constant use of the Race card. It is no longer effective due to the often illogical immoral use for every excuse for lack of personal accountability imaginable.



    Tim Reply:

    wrong on multiple counts…



    But why let facts get in the the way of a good story, right?

    No1KState Reply:

    Most economists, including conservatives, agree that the stimulus saved jobs and prevented a worse disaster. The economic disaster was an accumulation of 3 decades of deregulating the financial market, the policy of Greenspan to allow economic bubbles, and the idiotic belief that housing prices would continue to rise.

    Even if they wanted to, this Congress and administration couldn’t do this much damage to the economy in less than 2 years. Some of Obama’s policies, re: healthcare reform, haven’t even taken full affect yet. Not to mention all the consessions made to Republicans during the process of both healthcare and Wall St reform.

    So if anyone should be out of their jobs, it should be the people who voted for the past 5 presidents (that includes Carter and Clinton under whom deregulation started and was continued, respectively) and congressional Republicans.

    Speaking of arbitrary and poorly made arguments, let’s talk ab out this big push since Reagan to lower taxes. The income tax amendment was put in place and progressively applied to help prevent the country from becoming an oligarchy. HW Bush called the laffer curve and supply-side economics “voodoo economics.” From 1948-2005, the rate of income growth for all groups, from the top richest to the bottom poorest, was greater under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents. Andrew Breibart made on joke on Bill Maher’s show about Germany bailing out Greece, but Germans enjoy a better quality of life than Americans. The Swedes are happier under their “European socialism” than Americans are under our economy. Our infrastruture is crumbling beneath us – some bridges haven’t been fixed since the 80s because it’s hard to do those things without sufficient revenue. Even if all the Bush tax cuts were to expire, the tax rate would still be lower than it was under Reagan. And for 95% of Americans, the tax rate is currently right now today lower than it was under W Bush, courtesy Pres. Obama. Letting the tax cuts expire on the top 5% of Americans would cut the budget deficit by 30%, and that’s on the low end of estimates. The numbers in the “pledge to America” don’t add up. The proposed revenue doesn’t match the proposed spending.

    As for the argument that “low taxes” is code for racism – let’s recall that the South was solidly Democratic prior LBJ’s signing the Civil Rights and Votin Rights Acts. Then comes Nixon’s “Southern strategy” and Reagan’s announcing his support for “states’ rights” in Philadelphia, Mississippi, and Reagan invention of the “welfare queen” driving around in a Cadillac in Chicago – and all of a sudden “low taxes” is in the bible. Even though very, very many white Republicans acknowledge voting against their own economic interests and explain supporting “low taxes” by recounting their resentment of having money taken from them and given to someone else. Despite the fact that they wouldn’t bare the brunt of and have very much to benefit from progressive taxation. And they can hardly describe, in a “race neutral” manner, the “someone else” they don’t want their money to be given to. That’s why “low taxes” is code for racism.

    People on the left who fight against racism lose credibility not because their arguments are flawed but because whites and their enablers of color, left and right, don’t want to fully address racism in the first place.


    Frederic Christie Reply:

    Also, Allen, even if you were right about the facts, who cares? How is this REMOTELY as bad as what white groups do to defend their hegemony, and how does this outweigh the good black groups do to protect their community?

    The fact is, Allen, that there is a difference as clear as night and day between groups designed to protect whites versus groups designed to protect blacks, just like the Nazis and the partisans or the defenders of the Warsaw ghetto were like night and day…


  2. Why does it seem like Obama and the Democrats have no mouth for these people, but then want to publicly demean those on the left who speak for the truth???


  3. Have you taken a look at the “Pledge to America” that GOP released yesterday?

    It appears that the closest thing to a depiction of a person of color in the entire publication is John Boehner. Seriously – every person in every photograph is white. Doesn’t political propaganda usually try and at least pretend to be inclusive?

    Direct link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/38020848/GOP-Pledge-to-America-Final

    What is your take?

    anti-racist middle-aged white guy


    Frederic Christie Reply:

    Yeah, I noticed that too. The coverage is all of smiling, or yelling, white faces.


  4. @ those who think Tim censure’s their opposing view points – Sometimes it seems he takes a couple of days to approve even comments agreeing with him. So I really doubt he’s censuring people just because they disagree with him.

    That being said, assuming he was telling the truth, Coakley was still giving hearsay testimony. And no one complained of feeling intimidated. I watched the video that was supposed to have showed the “intimidation.” I watched a few to make sure I didn’t miss anything. In one, a white girl goes in and out the building unassaulted. I’ll admit, maybe it’s because I’m black and grew up around black men, but two blacks dudes just standing around glaring does not voter intimidation make. The case should’ve never been brought in the first place. No one living in the precinct, including the white girl, filed any complaints,

    If we wanna talk about stealing people’s right to vote, without even discussing convicts who have their rights taken away, let’s talk about the millions who’re illegally erased from voter rolls, intentionally given instructions to the wrong polling place, or are told that people with unpaid traffic tickets can’t vote which is untrue. Even a Republican on the committee that Congress charged to look into the case said there was nothing to it.


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