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Assimilation is Not Enough: American Muslims as Modern Cherokee?

Great post at Ta-Nehesi Coates’ blog from last month (which I only saw today), in which he notes the parallels between anti-indigenous sentiment towards the Cherokee during the years of Jacksonian White Supremacy (known to “scholars” as Jacksonian “democracy”), and today’s anti-Muslim bias. Despite the ways that both Cherokee and American Muslims sought (or have […]

“Birtherism With Big Words” — The Ignominious Return of Dinesh D’Souza (WITH UPDATE)

Over at the American Prospect’s Blog site, Adam Serwer dropkicks Dinesh D’Souza (the guy who first called me the “Uncle Tom of whites”) somewhere into next week, taking on his absurd contention that Barack Obama’s worldview is “Kenyan anti-colonialism.” This meme, which took off after Newt Gingrich picked it up and ran with it last […]

South Carolina White Conservatives Show Their Racist Asses…Again (This is a Historical Constant, Actually…)

But remember everyone…just because we dress up in Civil War period uniforms and pose for pictures with black people in antebellum period clothing (which is to say, black people representing slaves) doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of racist jackasses… Read more about the “party” that brought forth this racist crap here. And know that this is […]

How to Make Sarah Palin Look Rational: Christine O’Donnell’s Special Brand of Stupid*

Wow, the Tea Partiers just make it so damned easy to ridicule them. Just when you thought nobody could make Sarah Palin look informed by comparison, along comes Christine O’Donnell, the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware, she of the “masturbation is a sin” school of evangelical Christian silliness. O’Donnell is such an extreme […]

Tea Party Float Portrays Obama Whipping White Taxpayer…Thanks for the Subtlety!

Amid denials by tea partiers that they are in any way motivated by white racial resentment and racial paranoia (about losing “their” country), comes now the following feast of psychological projection…a Tea Party parade in Yakima, Washington, in which some of those funny, ever ironic white conservatives have a guy dressed in an Obama mask, […]

Anchorage, AK – 09/14/10 – University of Alaska – Public Lecture

Are Angry Conservatives Primed for Violence? Even Against Their Own?

As we head into the fall election season, stories from Nevada and Delaware suggest that some of the loving, peaceful souls in the Tea Party faction of the right are prepared to turn violent if they don’t get their way: and not merely against evil liberals and leftists, but against those in their own party […]

Eugene, OR – 09/11/10 – University of Oregon – Staff Training

To My Baby Girl, After the Terror (FLASHBACK ESSAY)

On a day such as this — 9/11 — it is understandable that one might find oneself in a retrospective mood. As I thought about new things I might write, I realized that what I wrote immediately after the event was just as appropriate as anything new I could have said. While I have become […]

Review of ‘Colorblind’ in Indian Press

Just got this excellent and detailed review of my latest book, Colorblind, from the Chandigarh Tribune, in the Chandigarh territory of India (in Northern India), and thought I’d share it.