“Birtherism With Big Words” — The Ignominious Return of Dinesh D’Souza (WITH UPDATE)

Over at the American Prospect’s Blog site, Adam Serwer dropkicks Dinesh D’Souza (the guy who first called me the “Uncle Tom of whites”) somewhere into next week, taking on his absurd contention that Barack Obama’s worldview is “Kenyan anti-colonialism.” This meme, which took off after Newt Gingrich picked it up and ran with it last week, is, as Serwer notes, “Birtherism with big words.” It is symbolic racism, from someone who has made his career engaged in the same. To wit, D’Souza’s 1995 book, The End of Racism, in which he explained, among other things, that enslaved blacks were treated like property, “which is to say, pretty well,” and that segregation was meant to protect blacks, and that what black folks suffer from is a “civilizational deficit,” vis-a-vis whites, and of course, certain Asians like himself. D’Souza, having discovered over the years that his books on subjects other than race don’t sell as well as his earlier efforts — and don’t garner him nearly as much attention — has, it appears, reverted to type.

Frankly, I wish Obama’s worldview was “anti-colonial…”

UPDATE: Not only is D’Souza’s claptrap racist, it’s also filled with basic errors of fact , despite the insistence by Forbes magazine, Glenn Beck, and others that there are no factual errors in the piece he wrote, and that his work on this matter is brilliant…

As a sidenote, here is a video (grainy quality but worth watching anyway), of me debating D’Souza back in 1996, at Evergreen State College:

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  1. How do conservatives square this theory with:
    – their anger with the bank bailouts?
    – their anger with the “liberal elite?”
    – their anger with corporate CEO’s? Shouldn’t being anti-big business be a good thing right now?
    – the myth of the derelict black father I mean, really. With all the negative stereotyping of black men and fathers in particular, how does one figure Obama’s father to have had such an impact on his life?

    There just seems to be a lot of cognitive dissonance throughout this whole discussion. At the national press library, Tucker Carlson suggested that liberals stop ridiculing conservative revolutionaries and instead listen to what they have to say. But cognitive dissonance aside (after all, how do you discuss tax policy with people who compare paying taxes to oppression, not even realizing their taxes have been lowered), how does a liberal or any reasonable person, respond to this nonsense and blatant racialization? Even to such extent that Hawaii is discounted as giving the president any American identity because it’s off the mainland. Which does raise the question of Palin’s American identity cause after all, not only did her parents used to take them into Canada for medical treatment, but Alaska isn’t part of the continental 48. Or, is it still part of the mainland since it’s on the same continent, which makes D’Souza’s thesis even more offensive and egregious.

    I agree, I wish Obama’s worldview were anti-colonial. I haven’t read the essay and don’t know that I will, so I wonder, does anywhere D’Souza suggest that the US isn’t engaged in neocolonialism? If he doesn’t, then isn’t it the ethical thing to do to get us out of the business of colonizing? What’s more, shouldn’t all Americans be anti-colonialist, or is really that only white people can legitately want to be free?


  2. This Guy makes me sick to my stomach he’s a sellout who has realized that being dark skinned and conservative is rather profitable… how shameless


  3. The worst part about this is how transparently racist it is, and hypocritical too.

    When some leftists suggested that Bush might be expressing white supremacy thanks to the legacy of his family being involved with the Nazis (an ACTUAL concrete set of actions, not innuendo), conservatives flipped their shit.

    But it’s perfectly okay to criticize the President, that thing they said was wrong in wartime (so either they’re lying about that or they were lying about it being wartime), by bringing up his BLACK family history? By making innuendo that accuses the President of having a hidden agenda all of his publically stated philosophy (and actions) deny? Right. Nice one Dinesh.


    No1KState Reply:

    Speaking of criticizing presidents – maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the right is far more vicious in their Obama hating than the left. The media keeps saying it happened on both sides, but I just don’t see it. Anti-war protesters called in Hitler. Was there more?


  4. Barack Obama has a “Kenyan anti-colonialist” worldview.

    That’s laughable.

    I doubt that American Conservatives believe their own propaganda.

    Under Obama, the American Empire has increased its attacks on Afghanistan and expanded them into Pakistan with routine Predator Drone bombings of the latter; bombed Yemen and expanded its military penetration of the Horn of Africa; stepped up its military occupation of Columbia; sold massive amounts of weapons to Middle East puppet states; and ratcheted up tensions with North Korea and China by staging provocative war games in Asia.

    As Cynthia McKinney has said, Barack Obama is Bushism without Bush.


    The real question is not only why Conservatives continue to peddle the lie that Barack Obama is some kind of closet radical, but why so-called American “Leftists” continue to support him.

    After all, Barack Obama’s true worldview is that of an American Imperialist–just like all his White male predecessors.


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