Are Angry Conservatives Primed for Violence? Even Against Their Own?

As we head into the fall election season, stories from Nevada and Delaware suggest that some of the loving, peaceful souls in the Tea Party faction of the right are prepared to turn violent if they don’t get their way: and not merely against evil liberals and leftists, but against those in their own party who are insufficiently committed to their wingnut world view.

To wit, the GOP chair in Delaware who was threatened with a “bullet in the head” for supporting the establishment Republican candidate, rather than the ultra-right wing Christine O’Donnell.

And then there’s Danny Tarkanian, who lost in the Nevada Senate primary to Sharron Angle. Tarkanian notes that as he was going around the state there were conservative activists angry with him for being unwilling to advocate armed rebellion against the government.

So is this what we have to look forward to if the far right doesn’t get it’s way in November, or other elections? Do they turn violent if they don’t win, or don’t convince enough of their own to support their far-right views? Worth considering…it appears they are prepared to eat their own, which can only leave us guessing as to what they would do to the rest of us…

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  1. I got to tell you Tim, you American guys (I’m an aussie) need to really be focusing on your supposed Progressives. Because these scary bastards are the reward if they fail.

    Here in Australia we just had a damn scary election, where our version of the Dems, Labor, very very very narrowly just scraped in on the back of independent preferences a few months ago , down from a stunning victory at the previous election.

    The campaign the conservatives ran would be depressingly familiar. They raised hysteria and fear about the small numbers of Refugees that arive by boats here (less than 1000 a year) and by proposing immigration cuts.

    Then labor , being completely spineless, proposed ALSO a crackdown on refugees and reducing immigration. (As well as dropping carbon reduction plans , etc)

    The results where brutal. Labor won none of the right back to its side (why would the right come over, they have the tories) , but the left pretty much abandoned labor in despair, leaving them with an increasingly vanishing center, which really was center-right.

    Fortunately we have a preferential voting system , which meant that the big victors of the election where the greens party which have great policies on race and social justice, and those new greens senators and the new independants have backed labor. Had this not happened, a new conservative (called ‘liberals’ here in australia, I think we do that to confuse american political comentators, lol)

    But if this happened in the US, the republicans would have anihilated the democrats.

    The problem that worries me is I’ve seen a huge amount of Democratic energy spent appeasing the increasingly loony american right. But the loony right can’t be appeased. The health care bill was watered down from something that would have had an immediate and wonderful impact on millions of lives to something that might sort of maybe fix some things at somepoint, perhaps. The bail out was completely bungled to appease the corporates , and an increasingly toxic environment is being created for Hispanic and Muslim Americans.

    To make it worse, the US has optional voting (Its compulsary here, which means no caging lists or weekday elections to keep the workers away) and all those hundreds of thousands who excitedly voted for what they believed was a true progressive, are just not going to have that motivation to try again. The crazed conservatives will be turning out to vote in force however.

    This is not a “whats wrong with america” list. God only knows America is actually a pretty amazing country, and my own can be a complete shocker at times but I say it because I can recognise whats going on there, and its famaliar and depressing.

    If the democrats do not tend their roots, the progressive half of the country, then they will die.

    God only knows November is on track to being brutal as hell.


  2. Tim: Is Red Room still active? I couldn’t get in there tonite.


    Tim Reply:

    yep, it’s active!


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