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Holyoke, MA – 09/30/10 – Holyoke Community College

Facing Race 2010 Final Plenary: Amazing Conversation – Check it Out!

Here is the final plenary session of the 2010 Facing Race Conference, in Chicago. I’m on the panel with Rinku Sen, Van Jones, Maria Teresa Kumar, and moderator Cathy Cohen

Medford, MA – 09/29/10 – Tufts University

Oh Surprise! Dinesh D’Souza — Like All Right Wingers — is a Liar!

I’m sure this will come as a shock to no one who has been awake during the past twenty years. But, turns out, Dinesh D’Souza — my old nemesis and a man of color who is married to a woman named Dixie (I kid you not, this is for real, and it matters) — is […]

New Study: “Colorblindness” Reduces Kids’ Ability to See, Challenge Racism

There is an incredible new study out, which confirms the inherent weakness and actual dangers of colorblindness as a way to challenge racism. According to the researchers from Northwestern, Stanford and Tufts, taking a colorblind approach with young children — such as instructing them to “focus on what makes us similar” rather than dealing constructively […]

Chicago, IL – 09/25/10 – Facing Race Conference – Plenary Session

Full Interview with Laura Flanders for GRIT TV, 9/24/10

And here is the full interview to go with the previously posted clip…We discuss health care, safety nets and race, the problems with colorblindness and post-racial liberalism, and the Tea Party folks, among other things… More GRITtv

Interview on GRIT TV with Laura Flanders, 9/24/10

Here’s video of my recent interview with Laura Flanders for GRIT TV. This segment is on the racialization of the nation’s safety net and the way in which white racial resentment has contributed to inadequate support for all in need, including millions of whites who are now finding that they too need comprehensive health care […]

$&*# Right-Wingers Say…

The last few days have been especially filled with right-wing race-baiting and resentment, not to mention general nastiness so befitting reactionary white men with large audience share. To wit the following: On September 22, Rush Limbaugh’s fill-in host announced his plan for creating national unity. No, it wasn’t to address the predatory lending of banks […]

Brooklyn, NY – 09/20/10 – MAAFA Lecture – St. Paul Community Baptist Church