Social Science Roundup: Research on Race and Gender Bias

Every now and then I’ll be posting links to new academic research/studies related to race, racism, discrimination, etc. Whenever possible I’ll try to link to stories about these studies that don’t require you to get some kind of crazy paid subscription to an academic site. This is the first installment of this feature, and includes some links to pieces that came out a while ago, but are worth checking out in case you haven’t seen them before. Thanks to the great blog Restructure! for these entries:

Endorsement of Color-Blindness Linked to Toleration of Racism

Implicit Racial and Gender Biases Significant: Countering the Myth of Pure Reason

Scientists Prone to Sexism Like Everyone Else – More Information on Implicit Bias

Still More Information on How Implicit Bias Shapes Decision Making

2 Responses to “Social Science Roundup: Research on Race and Gender Bias”

  1. Thanks for sharing…very interesting studies!


  2. What I find incredible is that anyone educated on the basics of modern scientific practice can find the idea that knowing where you come from and compensating for that bias is a bad thing or will lead to more bias.

    After we’re discovered the Clever Hans effect, the placebo effect, observation effects, confirmation biases, etc., we have created an edifice in science to counter for our own limitations and biases. Scientists know that they are likely to defend a theory they become invested in: That’s why we have peer review. They know that scientists within a particular field can have limits on the way they view things, their lens: That’s why we like to have multidisciplinary cooperation. Etc. etc.

    The entirety of modern science is designed around the idea that taking into account human psychology and our tendency to act subconsciously from our biases, stereotypes, schemas and self-image is the only way to produce good data. So the idea that our race, gender, and class background could bias us would just be an extension of that awareness…


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