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Intent is not the Point: Incredible (and Humorous) Explanation of How Oppression Actually Works

Ok, so I had to post the essay below. A friend of mine told me about it yesterday, and it is an epic and appropriately snarky piece that completely demolishes the notion that intent is what matters when it comes to evaluating oppression. I’ve been arguing this point recently with white liberals, who seem to […]

Which Voters Were Key to the Obama Victory? Interesting New Analysis and its Implications…

There is a very interesting and informative post over at Racism Review today, and which deserves attention. In the wake of the election there was much discussion about how important young people were to the Obama victory, or Latino voters. And while both of those things are true, a new analysis of the exit polls […]

More Evidence That Anti-Muslim Bigots Have Lost Their Minds…

The forces of anti-Muslim bigotry, which have been whipped into a frenzy by folks like Newt Gingrich and the folks at FOX, are so besotted with hatred that they will turn on anyone whom they suspect of being Muslim. Problem is, not only is their hostility towards actual Muslims unjustified, they can’t even tell who […]

White Biker Thugs on a Rampage in Arizona — Meanwhile, Cops Stay Focused on Latino/as

While law enforcement in Arizona, led by fascists like Joe Arpaio, stay focused on harassing Latino/as, and eagerly hope for a judge to give the go ahead for enforcement of the racist SB1070, white biker thugs are showing everyone what real crime and deviance look like. Just outside of Prescott — one of the seedbeds […]

Notes on Commenting – What Will and Will Not be Allowed on this Site

As you can imagine, when my site was relaunched and the web visits/hits began to climb, lots of people of all ideological stripes began to check out the content here. Some liked it, some didn’t, and that’s fine. Since the site was constructed with the ability of readers to post comments, I knew that a) […]

NY Tea Party Favorite Demeans the Poor, Calls for Warehousing Welfare Recipients

And in keeping with two common themes — the lunacy of the Tea Party set, and the persistent attempt by the right to dehumanize and demean the poor — now comes NY Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino’s suggestion that the state should turn some prisons into dorms for welfare recipients. There, he says, they could be […]

What the Obama/Muslim Meme is Really About…

Today’s must-read comes from law professor, Ramzi Kassem, in which he explains clearly and succinctly why the religious “othering” of President Obama (as a secret Muslim) is really part and parcel of the racialization of Islam. In other words, since overt and blatant racial othering of the President would be too obvious (and would seem […]

Book Burning in Gainesville: Religious Bigot Alert…

Gee, I always thought Christians were so law-abiding (snark)…But here we see some who claim to be Christians, not only exercising their rank bigotry, with plans to burn copies of the Qur’an, but planning to do so in spite of a local law against the burning, and denial of a permit to burn them. The […]

Proof that Racists Often Put White Supremacy Over Money – Green is not the only color that matters…

You may have heard a few weeks ago about the case from the South suburbs of Chicago,  where a white family is being sued for discrimination, for refusing to sell their house to a black family. And this refusal came in spite of the fact that the black family had submitted the highest bid for […]

Signs of Unintelligent Life in the Universe…

In keeping with the never-ending stream of evidence suggesting that ignorance is at a premium in the United States, today there are two fresh examples. The first, which is almost too easy — but as such, too easy to resist — comes from a common fount of ignorance, Sarah Palin, who has weighed in to […]