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Social Science Roundup: Research on Race and Gender Bias

Every now and then I’ll be posting links to new academic research/studies related to race, racism, discrimination, etc. Whenever possible I’ll try to link to stories about these studies that don’t require you to get some kind of crazy paid subscription to an academic site. This is the first installment of this feature, and includes […]

Conservative Character Actors and the Co-Optation of Martin Luther King Jr.

It has been said that even the devil can quote Scripture for his purposes. So too, apparently, can conservatives quote Martin Luther King Jr. for theirs. To wit, Glenn Beck, who has perfected the craft of cribbing from Dr. King, thereby debasing the majestic prose of the latter and distorting King’s intentions to the point […]

James Baldwin — New essays released, the power of words restored

It is not often that one gets to read the words of a literary genius, fresh, long after his death. But this is one of those times when the uncommon becomes at least, possible. It is with this in mind, that I recommend to you the uncollected essays and all-around linguistic genius of James Baldwin […]

Farce on Washington: Glenn Beck and the Assault on Historical Memory

To be angry with Glenn Beck would be easy. So too, to conjure an ungenerous spirit of contempt for his acolytes who came from around the country to attend Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally this Saturday, would hardly take Herculean effort. His demented narcissism and their cult-like devotion to the man who once said he was […]

Los Angeles, CA – 08/27/10 – Curtis School – Faculty Training

North Hollywood, CA – 08/26/10 – Campbell Hall School – Faculty/Staff Training

Dream Interrupted: Glenn Beck as Historical-Distorter-in-Chief

As the nation gears up for Glenn Beck’s absurdist rally in DC Saturday — on the anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington — and as he continues to lie about and distort the way in which conservative philosophy is in line with Dr. King’s teachings (and thus, how it is appropriate for them to […]

Greencastle, IN – 08/25/10 – DePauw University

Surprise! More anti-Muslim bigotry. Who would have guessed???

Gee, who could have guessed that with all the Muslim-bashing coming from the right, and especially regarding the “Ground Zero Mosque,” some jackass would decide to act out in a violent act of hatred? Amazing: words have consequences. Who knew? Nor is it surprising that some right-wing white blowhard, like Rep Roy Blunt, of Missouri, […]

What to Do When Fred Phelps and His Cult Are Picketing…

OK, so again, this was a had-to post. The evil little trolls at the Westboro Baptist Church (Topeka, KS) were recently protesting a Jewish Federation (not sure where), because they’ve apparently decided it’s not enough to just bash LGBT folks, they also gotta get back at the “Christ Killers” too. Naturally. Anyway, the folks from […]