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Rationalizing White Supremacy: Racism, Free Markets and the Morally Obtuse Rand Paul

Although he insists he wasn’t named for the emotionally deranged, greed-loving, altruism-bashing author, Ayn Rand, U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul’s views are just a little too similar to those of the mother of Objectivism–as are the views of his father, libertarian Congressman Ron Paul–to take seriously his denials. Either he is lying about the origins of […]

Of Faulty Comparisons and Racial Animosity: Nashville, New Orleans and the Politics of Disaster

As kids go, the two upon whom I have managed to bestow my last name are pretty awesome. Yet, as with all children, there are things they do–as part of the natural process of ego development–that drive me nuts. For instance, the eldest, though she is normally kind and supportive, occasionally drifts into the irritating […]

Reflections on Racism and Reasonable Suspicion: Immigration, Arizona and Anti-Latino Bias

To get a sense of the fundamental injustice of Arizona’s anti-immigration bill, SB 1070, consider something that happened recently, and something that didn’t–neither of them in Arizona, but rather in Nashville, Tennessee. Earlier this week, because our children were out of school for teacher in-service, my wife and I slept in late. Upon rolling out […]

Pardon You: Racism, Reparations and the Politics of Blame (as Explained by Henry Louis Gates Jr.)

As a writer, there are times when you have something to say, and yet no particular “hook” upon which to hang the missive you are burning to release. In these moments, it is often best to wait, to hold on to the material you find so compelling, secure in the knowledge that soon enough something […]

On Illegal People…and Forgetful Ones: Reflections on Race, Nation and Immigration

The excitement would have been palpable. Such a long journey, alone, and now it was nearly over. He was almost there, just a few yards from entering his new country, the United States. His heart, by now, would have almost certainly been pounding in anticipation of what lay ahead: a new life of opportunity for […]