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But Rand Paul says this is OK…

Today comes the story of of Abbotsford, Wisconsin businessman Mark Prior, who wants to keep blacks out of his soon-to-be-opened “Gentlemen’s Club” (also known as a strip joint, or in my part of the country, and by the Neanderthals who actually patronize such places, a “titty bar.”) Why does it not surprise me that the […]

When Multicultural Marketing Goes Horribly Wrong

Ok, so at first I thought this had to be some kind of practical joke. Some kind of Onion-esque attempt at racial satire. But now, after learning that it’s apparently for real, even I’m amazed. And frankly, there isn’t much in the realm of racial insensitivity that shocks me anymore. And so I give you, […]

Being Thankful for Clarity and Focused Rage

Thanksgiving has always been among my least favorite holidays. Not merely because of the mendacity of the traditional narrative regarding its origins — you know, the whole “Indians and Pilgrims living in harmony” nonsense that conveniently ignores the genocide being planned even then by the latter — but because confining gratitude to one day of […]

Arguing With Xenophobe Bear: Volume Two of the “Bears and Bigots” Series

Here’s Volume II of the “Bears and Bigots” Series on Xtranormal. My second animated creation…

Rainbow Bear Confronts Homophobic Bear – My First Xtranormal Video

Here is my first animated short, created at This one addresses homophobia and heterosexism. Future installments will examine racism, privilege and white denial, among other things. You can create your own at their website, so check it out!

The Difference Between Guilt and Responsibility – Video Clip 10/6/10

Here’s a clip from my October 6 speech in Detroit, for the Michigan Roundtable, in response to a question from the audience:

The Dangers of Colorblind Post-Racialism

A brief snippet of my October 6 speech in Detroit, for the Michigan Roundtable:

Houston, TX – 11/16/10

Talking Loud and Saying Nothing…

NOTE TO READERS, AND A NOTE OF APOLOGY: When this essay was first published, I made reference herein to someone (Jim Clyne, in NYC) who had sent me a particular e-mail, claiming to have “fucked me up” at two colleges where I was scheduled to speak, presumably by getting in touch with the campuses and […]

Los Angeles, CA – 11/10/10 – Cal State Los Angeles