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Harpooning the Great White Wail: Reflections on Racism, the Supreme Court and Right-Wing Buffoonery

For a group that regularly decries what they view as “minority” whining, and the politics of victimization, white conservatives are demonstrating a penchant for the unhinged histrionics of victimhood, virtually unparalleled in modern times. Facing a nation led by a black man, with a black wife and black children, sullying the hallowed halls of a […]

Exposing the Pro-Life Lie

The murder today of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas confirms what many of us have long known. Among those who call themselves pro-life, there are plenty who are anything but. They are terrorists, plain and simple, who seek to subordinate women to the religiously fanatical, patriarchal dystopia of their theocratic fantasies. At best, they are […]

Interview by Phone on The Young Turks – May 15, 2009

Tim Wise is interviewed by phone on The Young Turks, May 15, 2009

Hey Dude, Where’s My Privilege? Race and Lawbreaking in Black and White

Envision the following, if you can. Imagine that a group of black youth were to descend upon a college town, take to an open field and proceed to smoke pot–lots of it–just as they had announced they would, at the very time they had promised to be there. Thousands of them, lighting up, virtually daring […]

Of Swine and Scapegoats: Reflections on Racism and Right-Wing Nuttery

In ancient times, when plagues or widespread epidemics would descend upon a community, it was somewhat common for those in the vicinity of the crisis to offer up a sacrifice, presumably to the gods, in order that the problem might dissipate. Often, the sacrifice would be a lamb (thus, the phrase sacrificial lamb), or a […]