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Color-Blind, Power-Oblivious: Eric Holder and the Whitewashing of Racism

It was all too predictable that Attorney General Eric Holder would be attacked for his recent remarks about race in America. To suggest that the nation is still haunted by the specter of racism is unacceptable it seems, especially since, with the election of President Obama, we have ostensibly entered the “post-racial” era. But in […]

Sorry for the Inconvenience: Race and the Power of Whiteness (Case Study #399)

Imagine if you will a 40 year old black male, coming through security at Boston’s Logan airport. He’s looking a bit younger than his middle-aged self, due in large measure to the clothes he’s wearing: a black hoodie, jeans and sneakers. These seem, at least in his mind, to balance out the creases and crevices […]